Anavara services are designed to take the weight off your shoulder, so that you can relax and focus on getting treated and recover completely.

  • Hospital Selection
  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • Flight Tickets
  • Communication
  • Ground Transportation
  • Boarding & Accommodation
  • Concierge Services
  • Hospital liaison
  • Post Treatment Follow Up

Hospital Selection

Anavara will work with you to identify the hospital that fits your requirement and budget. Anavara will also send your records to the hospital to obtain estimates, arrange for discussions with doctors.

Medical Visa Assistance

Anavara will help you in obtaining assistance letter from the hospital where the treatment is scheduled, and assist you to obtain visa from the embassy or consulate.

Flight Tickets

Travelling for treatments carries lot of uncertainties. Anavara will arrange for your ticket, reschedule as required or cancel and rebook as required. Anavara will also arrange for the fit to fly certificate that airlines demand for patients.


When you land at your treatment destination, Anavara will provide you a smart phone to enable you to be in touch with your near and dear ones.

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation services, from and to airport, from your accommodation to hospital will be provided.

Boarding Accommodation

Anavara will make all accommodation arrangements – either in hotel or serviced apartments – to your requirements before you commence on your journey.

Concierge Services

Translators, personal attendant and other customized services can be arranged based on your needs and requirements.

Hospital liaison

Anavara service coordinator will communicate and coordinate with the hospital and you/ your personal physician.

Post Treatment Follow Up

Once you reach home after treatment, Anavara team will follow up with you to ensure you have complete your journey to complete recovery.

Medical Destinations

  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • India
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Israel


We have physical presence in your country. Putting faces to names reassures you in your quest for medical travel. We also provide a platform so that you can make an informed choice. We believe that you have the right to take a decision in consultation with your family physician on the country, hospital and treatment procedure.

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Corporate Philosophy

“At Anavara, we believe that the client, in consultation with his family Physician, should take an informed decision, to obtain the best possible treatment, at an affordable cost, in an environment which will make him/her comfortable, and recuperate in places which are palliative”.



  • They made appointments and set up contacts for me here in india to have surgery done on my leg. I was received quite well. Primarily Anavara provided advices, accompany and somebody to talk to because I was quite sick, and I am pleased with that. The hospital experience was very good. The room was very lovely. The staff, sisters and doctors were quite good which I was very pleased with…
    Captain James's
  • "People in Anavara looked after all the processes and we just had to travel and get the treatment done and come back."...
    Mrs. Florence Nigeria
  • ANAVARA organized everything from the visa to the doctors we were in India to see. Everything was taken into consideration to make our trip much more easier…. The service coordinators were in contact with me to see if everything was okay
    Marie Odile Valerie Mauritius
  • “Thank God Almighty for Anavara. On the 17th of may 2015, while on an official trip to Ilorin city from Akure, Ondo state as an auditor for United Bank for Africa in Nigeria. I was involved in an auto accident, while avoiding a head on co...
    Akinola Adekunle Dahunsi Nigeria
  • I have always been feeling weak and stressed out due to the nature of my job. Anavara facilitated my visa in the embassy. I am grateful to Anavara for providing me a very good hospital, I was a bit scared but when I got here I saw that everything is normal, so for a hospital of this nature to tell me that I only need to take medicines and I have no issues, honesty and transparency so I am very blessed. The doctors were telling that I need to rearrange my lifestyle, and manage my stress. So, I can rate the hospital and Anavara excellent!
    Madu Mere Emmanuel Nigeria