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Air Ambulance Service In Nigeria


What Is An Air Ambulance? 

As the name suggests, air ambulance transportation is specifically designed to provide specialized medical care in a mobile environment. This is an excellent arrangement for bringing in people in dire need of health care from one point to another. Most air ambulance transportation services rely on the use of an airplane as the significant benefit of traveling by aircraft is that emergency and medical personnel can transport patients quickly and efficiently. 

Over the years, commercial flights have evolved to be the best fit for traveling with a medical escort and come at a fraction of an air ambulance cost. Similarly, an air ambulance enables one to access all the care and resource materials of a medical family. For patients whose condition is medical-sensitive and who are in urgent need of travel arrangements, this air ambulance transportation can save countless lives. Air ambulances are specifically crafted airlines ( either a helicopter or an airbus ) equipped with medical care services that are used to transport calamity struck, injured, or sick people to the hospital in a medical emergency or to treat them on the way to the hospital without sparing crucial time. 

On an air ambulance, a patient is paired with a medical professional who escorts them on a commercial flight. This air ambulance provides immediate medical care while in transit. While on an air ambulance, there will always be trained medical personnel available who ensure that the patient is comfortable and stable in the air and tend to them till the moment they touch the ground. These flights are equipped with the latest technology and are fully stocked with medical supplies. From basic aspirins to high-tech monitors, these air-ambulance services have it all.

Air-Ambulance Service In Nigeria

Established by Dr. Ola Orekunrin, Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) is the country’s leading air-ambulance firm operating in the West and the Central African province specializing in multiple medical services like an air ambulance medevac, remote medical solutions, and infrastructural development and training. Equipped with the latest technology, tools, supplies, and professionals, FDN has been flying patients in dire need of medical care from one place to another. As countries worldwide have adopted these air-ambulance services, Nigeria has been making progress well ahead. 

Air-Ambulance services in Nigeria also have a team of trained nurses, medical professionals, experienced doctors, highly trained medical physicians, cardiologists, neurologists, and available for patient care.

List Of Air Ambulance Services In Nigeria

The establishment of the FDN organization paved the way for numerous other air ambulance services to commence in Nigeria. Here are some of the finest air ambulance service providers in Nigeria

  • Anavara Air Ambulance

Anavara Ltd based in Lagos and Abuja, make the process of air ambulance travel simple and straightforward by helping your loved one get transported from the tarmac of the airport to the hospital of the country of your choice so you don’t have to worry about a thing, all at an affordable price. You can contact, +234 8180002783

  • Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN)

Equipped with the latest in medical technology, Flying Doctors Nigeria is the topmost air ambulance service in Western and Central African provinces. Its list of services includes medical repatriation, medevac, ETU and medical stretcher, medical escorts, and many more. Since its establishment, the company has transported over 1,000 patients, following which Dr. Orekunrin was rewarded with a TED fellowship.

  • Emergency Route (ER)

Based out of Nigeria, the Emergency Route specializes in medevac, ambulance dispatch, air ambulance or air medevac, land medevac, remote medical solutions, and many more.

  • Swift Air Ambulance Services Limited

In addition to the best medical facilities, the Swift Air Ambulance Services Limited is equipped with highly trained nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, cardiologists, etc., skilled enough to provide the best possible care in cases of utmost emergency during medical transports.

  • Universal Air Evac

Starting out of Africa, the Universal Air Evac has now widened its reach, covering most of North America, Europe, the Middle East, and many Asian Countries with the use of partner-air ambulances. There are non-stop flights available across multiple destinations, making it one of the most efficient air ambulance services across Nigeria. 

  • Medical Ambulance Services Limited

Be it an accident, emergency, or anything else, and the Medical Ambulance Services LTD has been at the forefront of air medical travel. Since the last decade, the organization has been providing the highest quality in all forms of medical evacuation with utmost consistency. Equipped with the latest medical equipment and skilled personnel, the Medical Ambulance Services Ltd provides services such as air-ambulance or air medevac, medical equipment supply and distribution, medical tourism services, and are affiliated with some of the leading hospitals in and around Nigeria. 

  • Air Rescuers

Like FDN, Air Rescuers is one of the leading air-ambulance services based out of Lagos, Nigeria. The company has been highly successful in providing the best quality medical services at cheaper rates and great care.


How Much Does An Air Ambulance Flight Cost?

An average air-ambulance trip is 52 miles and costs around $13,000 – $25,000 for each flight. However, this cost tends to differ based on the medical equipment required and maintenance. Depending upon the needs of the patient, the cost is calculated accordingly. Some factors contributing to the final cost are:

  • Distance
  • Route
  • Patient’s Health
  • People Accompanying The Patient
  • Type Of Air Ambulance
  • Urgency

Can Air Ambulance Travel Be Used For Patients With Breathing Difficulty?

No matter what the patient’s medical condition is, conscious/unconscious, stable or unstable, breathing on his/her own or with the help of life support machines, Air Ambulance Travel can transfer any patient to any part of Nigeria/West Africa and globally. Patients with conditions like anaemia, pneumothorax, or ileus can be transported easily by adjusting the cabin pressure according to the ground.

 Air Ambulance Services Only Used To Fly People Out Of The Country?

No, air ambulance services can either be utilized for international destinations or within the country. Air Ambulance can be arranged to transport the patient from any city to another anywhere around the country and from one country to another.