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Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

Breast reduction surgery is becoming a very common option for men and women worldwide. Turkey has proven to be one the best destinations for medical tourism, and breast reduction surgery is one of the various medical services offered by them. For women, breast reduction surgery provides relief from a wide array of issues caused by excess breast size and weight, including pain in the shoulders, back, neck, and discomfort. Excessive weight may also cause pressure which may lead to irritation between the breast and at bra strap areas.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey
Picture courtesy: Privia Clinic Istanbul/Turkey

Breast reduction may also help remove a feeling of self-consciousness in women and help to boost their confidence. Breast reduction surgery which can also be known as mammoplasty involves the removal of tissues from the breasts. It also involves the excess skin that is associated with the reduction in size. This reduction then leads to a firmer and more desired size and form for the breasts. It also improves the overall shape, appearance, and position. Although the best reduction surgery is mostly done by women, it is also an option for males that have a condition called gynecomastia. This surgery aims at reducing breast size in those males by removing fats.

breast reduction surgery- gynecomastia
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Why should one do breast reduction surgery in Turkey?

  • Affordable medical costs
  • Ultra-modern medical equipment and facilities
  • Highly specialized and experienced surgeons
  • Fantastic inclusive medical packages
  • A popular tourist destination
  • Accommodating medical staff
  • Availability of translators provided by the medical facilities

Turkey is one of the most medically advanced countries in the world, especially when it comes to the business of medical tourism. Hundreds of people, if not thousands, travel to Turkey each year for cosmetic surgeries due to the cost-effectiveness of their procedure, the experience and high specialization of their medical staff, and their exceptional care to their patients.

Medical tourism in Turkey is so advanced that they have one of the best medical technology in the world, which can be compared to other countries like America and the UK. They also offer the best inclusive packages to their client, which covers transportation and hotel costs, among others. Turkey is also a top tourist destination, and clients have the opportunity to combine their medical stay with a much-deserved vacation. The country boasts sunny beaches, high-class shopping malls, fascinating historical landmarks, and other attractive features, and some of these are located in the cities with the best medical facilities.

How to prepare for a breast reduction

The cosmetic surgeon will consult with the client to find out their general health condition and their medical history. They will also discuss the desired breast shape and size. The surgeon will also discuss with the client on the procedure, the technique to be used, the type of general anesthesia to be administered, the average length of the procedure, and some of the risks of the surgery, including the scarring and the loss of feeling which sometimes happens in some patients. The surgeon then examines and measures the breasts, and they also take photographs of them for medical records. A client that is to undergo breast reduction surgery may be told to get a mammogram. They are also required to stop smoking for at least six weeks before and after the surgery and also to abstain from certain medications that may adversely affect both the surgery and the recovery process.

What are some of the surgical techniques used in breast reduction?

In breast reduction surgeries done in Turkey, there are three main techniques that the surgeon can use. All of these techniques are aimed at removing some extra fat, increasing breast tissue, and reducing superfluous skin in the breast. The three techniques are:

  • Inverted T approach – in this method, a thin line is incised from the nipple to the bottom of the breast, and an inverted T line then develops hence the name.
  • Circle method – the incision is done around the nipple.
  • Lollipop method – a round incision around the nipple is done. Also, an incision is drawn from the nipple, which terminates under the breast.
breast reduction surgery procedure
Picture courtesy: Brisbane Plastic Surgery

The procedure

The surgery usually takes 2-5 hours to complete, and it is also done under general anesthesia. Excess skin, tissue, and fat are removed through incisions made around the nipples. In some instances, liposuction alone is sufficient to complete the procedure. The surgeon also reshapes the breast and they also reset the nipple and areola. The nipple and the areola usually stay attached to the breast during the procedure, but for very large breast, the surgeon sometimes removes the nipple and reattaches it after. The surgeon will also try to make the breast look alike as best as possible, but they might differ in some way. The incision scars will fade over time but will not completely disappear.

After the procedure

Immediately after the surgery, the breasts are covered with bandages and a surgical bra to hold them in place. A draining tube may be placed under each arm to drain extra blood or fluid. Antibiotics and anti-pain medications are prescribed for the patient to help reduce post-operative pain and fight infection. A follow-up visit is usually scheduled with the surgeon to check the patient’s recovery. The surgery results will usually show immediately, but it may take months for the swelling to go down completely and the scarring to fade.

Multiple procedures may also be required in some circumstances to achieve the best results for the client, but according to statistics, the average breast reduction surgery success is above 90%. After a successful breast reduction surgery, patients have relief from all the problems they experienced from larger breasts. The final results also usually last for a very long time, but aging, pregnancy, weight changes, and other factors can eventually change the breast shape and size.

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