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Specialty: Gynecology and Obstetrics

Hospital: RAK Hospital

Dr. A K Sahu is a Senior Specialist in Radiologist and Head of Department at the RAK Hospital UAE.

Dr. A K Sahu earned his MBBS in 1998 from V.S.S. Medical College, Burla, Odisha, India and his M.D. in Radio-Diagnosis in 2003 from S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack, Odisha, India. He has worked in various hospitals in India as a Consultant Radiologist and has past experience in the U.A.E and moreover in RAK Hospital as a Specialist Radiologist. He efficiently manages the diagnosis of human body using digital X-ray, Mammography, Ultrasound, Doppler, CT Scan, PET CT and MRI studies.

Dr. Sahu’s Special Areas of Interest:

  • PET CT – Whole Body Imaging.
  • MRI – 3/1.5 Tesla (Neuroimaging, Neurography, Musculoskeletal, Abdomen, MRCP, Breast/Prostate, Sleep apnea protocol, Enterography, Urography and Cardiac MRI).
  • CT Scan: 64/128 slices(Brain, Chest, Abdomen, PNS, Temporal bone imaging, CT Enteroclysis, CT Urography, CT Coronary, CT Aortogram / Circle of Willis and Peripheral Angiography.
  • Ultrasound: Routine scans, Obstetrics, High resolution ultrasound for breast, scrotum and thyroid etc.
  • Doppler study: Carotid, Peripheral Arterial / Venous, Renal Arteries and Portal Vein.
  • Digital, Sono and MR Mammography.
  • Digital X-ray (Barium procedure, HSG, IVP, RGU, MCUG).
  • USG Guided Interventions (Biopsy, FNAC, Fluid Aspirations).