Dr. Alaa Gaafar

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Specialty: General Medicine/ Surgery

Hospital: Al Zahra Dubai

Scope of Service

• Emergency procedures including tracheostomy, control of epistaxis, extraction of FB from the nose, ears and throat, surgical drainage of pharyngeal suppurations, Tracheal dilatation (endoscopic, balloon and laser dilatation) for acute airway obstruction.

• General ENT procedures including adenotonsillectomy, myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion, turbinate reduction surgery and pan endoscopy for the aero-digestive tract.

• Surgery for snoring and sleep apnea including UVPPP, LAUP, tongue base surgery and mandibular advancement.

• Endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery for inflammatory and benign neoplastic lesions.

• Laser microlaryngeal endoscopic surgery for congenital, neurological, benign and early malignant laryngeal lesions.

• Pediatric Otolaryngology with special interest in airway reconstruction either via external approach (laryngotracheoplasty, laryngotracheal split) or endoscopic approach (bronchoscopic dilatation, laser dilatation and airway stenting).

• Head and neck surgery including benign and malignant neck masses excision, all laryngeal and hypopharyngeal lesions, Thyroid and parathyroid gland surgery, salivary glands surgery, surgery for tracheal stenosis (tracheoplasty, resection anastomosis), endobronchial tracheal surgery, head & neck reconstruction using local and regional pedicle flaps, and different types of neck dissection.

• Insertion of tracheal metallic stents as a palliative treatment of benign and malignant tracheal stenosis.