Dr. Ali Aral

Dr. Ali Aral

  • Dental
  • Hisar Intercontinental

Dentist Ali ARAL (K)

Education :
 Medical Faculty, Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry 1999
 Speciality: Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Oral Implantology AD doctorate

Postgraduate Experiences :
 Dentoptima Dental Clinic
 GATA Prosthodontics A.D. (Ankara)
 Nijmegen St. Radboud University (Netherlands 2003)
 Istanbul University Oral Implantology A.D.

Interests/Special Procedures :
 Dental Implants
 Implant Prosthesis
 Gum Surgery (Pink Aesthetics)
 Bone Augmentation and YKR
 Impacted Teeth

Memberships :
 Turkish Society of Oral Implantology (rheumatoid)
 German Implantology Society (DGZ a)
 Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Association (EDAD)

All Other Expert Clinics :
 Mouth and dental health

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