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Specialty: Cancer

Hospital: BLK Hospitals

Dr. Amit Agarwal is Director & HOD, Medical Oncology at BLK Hospitals, New Delhi.
He is a leading name when it comes to speciality in Medical Oncology treatment in India. He has been widely acknowledged for his versatile and patient-centric approach.

Qualifications: MBBS, MD, DM & MRCP (London)

Working as a Director & HOD in Medical Oncology Department at BLK Super Speciality Hospitals, New Delhi
Previous Experience:
• Sr. Consultant – International Oncology & Fortis Hospital
• Sr. Consultant – Batra Hospital and Medical Research centre
• LAS Oncology – Mount Vernon Hospital, Hertfordshire

• Clinical Fellow Oncology – Addenbrookes NHS Trust, Cambridge, UK
• Clinical attachment, Oncology – Churchill and Radcliff Hospital, Oxford
• Specialist Oncology – Royal Hospital, Sultanate of Oman