Dr. Anita Kaul

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Specialty: Allergy and Immunology

Hospital: Apollo Indraprastha

Dr. Kaul is presently working as a Sr Consultant and Coordinator Fetal Medicine and Genetic services She has about 11 years of experience in the super speciality of Fetal Medicine and was practising as a High-Risk Obstetrician for 12 years prior to this.

She trained in Fetal Medicine with Professor Kypros Nicolaides at King’s College London and returned to Delhi in 2006 to start the first specialist fetal medicine unit in North India at Apollo. This unit is now established as a referral unit for a variety of chromosomal screening tests, diagnosis and management of fetal abnormalities. It is also the first unit in North India accredited with the Fetal Medicine Foundation UK for Nuchal scanning and the combined test. She started the Fetal Surgical Therapy programme in 2011, again the first in North India and is one of the few Fetal surgeons in the country. She has instituted a Fellowship programme in collaboration with FMF-UK.