Specialty: General Medicine/ Surgery

Hospital: King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

Dr Eleanor McCarthy (previously Dr Eleanor Curry) graduated from the
University of Edinburgh Medical School in 2005. She also achieved an
intercalated BSc (Med Sci) in Sport and Exercise Medicine during her time in

Dr Ellie then went on to work between Northern Ireland and Scotland to
train to become a GP, gaining her MRCGP in 2012. During this time she
worked in a large number of specialties including General Medicine,
Paediatrics, Geriatrics, ENT, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Dermatology
amongst others and currently at King’s College Hospial

Dr Ellie has a holistic approach to medicine and enjoys treating the whole
family from birth to old age. Being a UK trained GP she is fortunate to have
expertise in a number of areas. Dr Ellie moved to Dubai in 2016 as
Consultant Family Medicine before joining us at Kings College Hospital. She
has received positive feedback throughout her career, bringing fun and
enthusiasm to her role along with dedication to her patients and their care.