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Specialty: General Medicine/ Surgery

Hospital: NMC Royal AbuDhabi

Dr. Houssam has 10 years of experience having worked with well renowned hospitals. He started his professional journey as a Specialist Urologic Surgery in Al Radi Specialist Hospital and government hospitals, Damascus, Syria for 3 years. Later he joined Ministry of Health General Hospital, Riyadh Saudi Arabia as a specialist urologist and worked there for 3 years. Before Joining NMC, he was working with Saudi German Hospital, Dubai UAE as a Specialist Urology.

Dr. Houssam’s expertise features are as follows:

• Endoscopy

• Urinary tract system stones management using laser

• Benign Prostate Enlargement- open surgery and endoscopic using laser.

• Paediatric Urology

• All open Urology Surgeries

• Infertility & Impotence

• Female Urology (incontinence) and Urodynamics

• Uro-Oncology

Dr. Houssam keeps himself updated academically by attending various workshops and conferences.

Dr. Houssam speaks English and Arabic.