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Specialty: Heart – Cardiovascular

Hospital: Hisar Intercontinental

İhsan ALUR, MD


Education :

 Faculty: Gaziantep University Medical School, Gaziantep, Turkey -1995-2001

 Speciality: Bursa Yuksek Ihtisas Training and Research Hospital -2002-2007

Postgraduate Experiences :

 Denizli State Hospital, Department of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, 2008-2013

 Pamukkale University, Department of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, 2013-2016

 Angiology in the 3. Millenium, Updating in Diagnosis, Pathogenesis and Treatment. Mediterranean

Italian- Greek- Turkish Interactive Workshop. 7-9 October, Venezia, Italy, 2010.

 European Vaseular Course, March 2-4, 2011 Maastricht, The Netherlands.

 EVAR Advanced Training Challenging cases & management of compIications. University Medical

Center Utrecht, The Netherlands, June, 20-21,2011.

 Aorfix ™ Training Workshop on Monday November 14, 2011, at Prague, General

University Hospital.

 Cardiovascular Surgery Interventional Applications Symposium, Rize, Turkey, 2012

 Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, EVAR Course, Antalya, Turkey, 2010

 Certificate of Radiation Protection from Diagnostic Radiology, Turkey Atomic Energy Agency,

Ankara, Turkey, 2012

Interests/Special Procedures :

Open Heart Surgery

 Heart Valve Surgery

 Coronary By-pass Surgery

 Peripheral Artery By-pass Surgery

 Endovascular Aortic Repair

 Venous İnsufficiency Surgery&endovenous Ablation Techniques

Memberships :

 Present Turkish Association of Vascular Surgery

 Present Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery

 Present Minimally Invasive and Robotic Cardiovascular Surgery Society