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Specialty: Neurology

Hospital: Al Zahra Dubai

Dr. Kassis is a holder of Belgian board certificate in neurosurgery and French specialty certificate in neurosurgery and neurology.

With over 12 years expertise in treating brain, spine and peripheral nerve pathologies in the UAE. Dr. Kassis main areas of interest are:

● Neuro-endoscopy including the treatment of pituitary gland pathologies

● Microsurgical treatment of Brain lesions including cranial trauma and tumors

● Spine surgery (minimally invasive, microsurgery and spinal navigation)

● Spinal stabilization for traumatic and degenerative disease

● Spinal arthroplasty with total disc replacement

● Peripheral nerve surgery

● Percutaneous infiltration and ablation procedures for spinal pain

Dr. Kassis is a member of prestigious international and regional societies including:

● Belgian society of neurosurgery

● European Association of neurosurgical societies

● North American spine society

● Emirates Neuroscience Society / Emirates Medical Association

Dr. Kassis is the author of multiple scientific articles in peer view journal as Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology journal, Neurosurgical focus, European spine journal and others.

He speaks Arabic, English, Armenian and French fluently.