Dr. May El Tawashy

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Specialty: Radiology

Hospital: RAK Hospital

Dr. May El Tawashy is a Specialist Radiologist at the RAK Hospital UAE.

Dr. May El Tawashy received her Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery from Alexandria University, Faculty of Medicine, Egypt, in 2001. She has also specialized in diagnostic radiology field and obtained her Master’s degree in radiogiagnosis from the same university in 2008.

She has more than nine years of experience and has previously worked in Alex Scan Radiology Centre, Egypt, Royale Hayat Hospital and Al Salam International Hospital, Kuwait.

Her experience in the diagnostic imaging field made her gain special interest and expertise in women’s imaging including breast ultrasound and mammography studies, first trimester combined nuchal translucency screening (11-14 weeks), detailed fetal anomaly scan (8-22 weeks), Doppler sonography of the fetal maternal vascular system, 3D/4D ultrasound, pelvic transvaginal gynecological ultrasound assessment and folliculometry studies.