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Specialty: General Medicine/ Surgery

Hospital: Al Zahra Dubai

Dr. Muharrem Oner started his private hospital career in International Acibadem Hospital in 2008, one of the leading and founding private hospitals in Turkey. He worked closely with leading experts in their fields, with Prof. Dr. Sadik Yildirim on Gastrointestinal Oncology surgery, with Prof. Dr. Dursun Bugra and Prof. Dr. Ali Akyuz on Colorectal Surgery, Prof Dr. Varol Çelik and Prof Dr. Abdullah Igci on breast surgery and Prof. Dr. Fatih Atagenc on Vascular Surgery.

Conducted more than 2500 surgeries independently including oncologic surgery, serving 600 surgery patients monthly in Erdem Hospital, one of the most traffic hospitals in Istanbul. He developed a special interest in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and conducted more than 200 surgeries with Prof. Dr. Gokhan Cipe.

Lately transferred to Holy Savior Armenian Hospital the first private hospital in Turkey (opened in 1832). He focused on advanced colon and rectum surgery with hipec treatment with Prof Dr. Cem.

Terzi who is the former president of Turkish Surgery Association and a leading expert in colorectal surgery in Turkey. He had endocrine surgery experience with Prof Dr. Bülent Çitgez including Breast surgery, Thyroid surgery, Parathyroid surgery, and Lap. Adrenalectomy.

Prior to his private hospital career, following completion of surgery specialization, he started working Diyarbakir Silvan Ministry of Health Hospital as Chief Physician and General Surgeon. In his 2-year period, he was able to launch endoscopy, laparoscopy and dialysis units in this hospital with 100 beds, managing 200 healthcare practitioners.

Dr. Muharrem Oner completed his military duty in 2007 as General surgeon in Hakkari Military Hospital where he had experienced trauma surgery, diagnosing and executing right treatment in emergency situations.

Dr. Muharrem Oner got his medical degree from one of the most reputable medical schools in Turkey, Istanbul University Medical School in 2000. He started a surgery residency program in the same year in Sisli Etfal Research and Development Hospital where he specialized in Gastrointestinal and Colon Surgery with Professor Adil Baykan, former President of Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery.

He has also endoscopy certification and he has conducted more than 2000 interventions.