Specialty: Heart – Cardiovascular

Hospital: King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

Dr Omar Hallak is a Consultant Intervention Cardiologist with over 20
years’ experience behind him. During this time, he’s not only practices in
several prestigious hospitals, but has also been involved with research and
teaching in the field.

He studied at Damascus University in Syria (Master of Science, MD) and
worked in the USA from 1992 to 2006. He was American Board-certified in
Internal Medicine in 1992, then as an interventional cardiologist in 1999. In
1998 he was on the American Board Cardiovascular Disease and American
Board of Nuclear Cardiology, and In 2006, he was American Board-certified
in Endovascular and Vascular Medicine.

Dr Hallak has worked in the UAE since 2006 and is the founder and
chairman of 4TS International Conference, one of the largest interventionalcardiovascular conferences in the Gulf countries.

His attitude towards patient care is simple yet effective. He always tries to
see things from the perspective of his patients, in order to better understand
their concerns and opinions. This enables him to offer a more tailored
approach to treatment.