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Specialty: Cancer

Hospital: Saudi German Hospital

Specialist Medical & Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Rajeev Kaushal is a UK & European Board certified Radiation Oncologist with over two decades of Radiation Oncology experience working across UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Asia, and Australasia. Dr. Kaushal’s Radiation Oncology practice is based at GICC ( Gulf International Cancer Centre) Abu Dhabi.

This centre is equipped with state of the art Radiation facilities like IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, HDR brachytherapy. GICC also has PET-CT facility for early cancer diagnosis, staging along with the ability to fuse PET-CT image to Radiation treatment planning for delivering more accurate Radiation to the tumour area. Besides treating all solid tumours like Lung, Colorectal, brain, head & Neck, Gynecological cancers, Dr Kaushal has a particular sub-specialist interest in managing Breast and Prostate cancer and has treated thousands of patients with Prostate & Breast cancer with a particular interest in IMRT & IGRT.

Numerous medical studies have shown that particular dietary interventions may prevent, slow or even reverse chronic disease especially cancer. We at SGH also recommend tailor-made diet schedules for our Oncology patients. Dr Kaushal is passionate about quality care and patient role in decision making.

Comprehensive and holistic treatment for Oncology patients through Multi-Disciplinary Team ( MDT) of Onco-Surgeons, Medical and Radiation Oncologist, Radiologists, Pathologists and trained Oncology Nurses.

Breast Cancer:

• Early detection through Screening

• Diagnosis and treatment with Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, and Targeted therapy.

Urological Malignancies

Prostate Cancer:

• Advice for screening for early detection.

• Treatment with Hormonal manipulation, Chemotherapy, and Targeted therapy.

• Consultation for Radiation treatment.

Bladder Cancer and Renal / Kidney cancer:

• Diagnosis and Systemic treatment.

• Advice for Radiation treatment.

Thoracic Malignancies/ Lung Cancer:

• Advice for screening for early detection.

• Treatment with chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

• Consultation for Radiation treatment.

Colorectal Cancer:

• Screening for early detection.

• Treatment with Chemotherapy and Targeted therapy.

• Consultation for Radiation therapy.

Cervical and Uterus Cancer:

• Screening for early detection through Pap Smear.

• Treatment with Chemotherapy.

• Consultation for Radiation treatment.

Oncological Emergencies:

• Treatment of Chemotherapy and Radiation related Neutropenic sepsis, Spinal Cord Compression, Sup Vena Cava obstruction etc.

Palliative care:

• Palliative chemotherapy and symptom control for improved quality of life in advanced cancer patients.


• European & UK Board certified Medical & Radiation Oncologist, Specialist Registration GMC UK.
• Fellow Palliative Medicine, Australia.

Experience :
More than 27 Years

Language Spoken :
English & Hindi

Nationality :