Dr. Raji Sharma

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Hospital: Thumbay Hospital, Ajman

Medical Degree – MBBS

Post Graduation – MD Anaesthesiology

Academic Affiliation – Associate Professor

Areas of Interest – Labour Analgesia


 Patient With Khyphoscoliosis For Emergency Caesarian Section – A Case Report. Journal Of

Anaesthesiology And Clinical Pharmacology, Vol 28 Page 124 – 126 Jan/2012

 Anaesthesia For Non-Obstetric Surgery In The Pregnant Patient, Journal Of Anaesthesiology And

Clinical Pharmacology Vol 26, Page 407 To 409 Jan/2010

 Comparing The Effects Of 5 Micrograms Sufentanyl And 25 Micrograms Fentanyl On Intrathecal

Bupivacaine For Caesarian Delivery In Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Soap Society Of

Obstetric Anesthesiology And Perinatology Feb/2009

 Negative Pressure Pulmonary Oedema -case Report Journal Of Anaesthesiology And Clinical

Pharmacology Vol 24, Issue 2, Page 231 To 233 Jun/2007


Comparison Of Epidural Tramadol And Pethidine For Post Operative Analgesia

Paper Presentations:

 Best Paper Award 5th Annual Scientific Meeting GMU 17th & 18th Nov 2013

 Hellp Syndrome South Zone Anaesthesiology Conference Jun/2008

 Acute Exacerbation In Copd Copd Update Mar/2007

 LMS In Difficult Airway International Trauma And Accident Conference, Pondicherry 2004

 Organized A Workshop On Non-Invasive Ventilation at Pondicherry