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Specialty: Orthopedics

Hospital: Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Rashed Al Shaeel is the head of Orthopedics & Trauma in Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Rashed Al Shaeel is graduated from Montreal, Canada. Following training and fellowship from Canada, he had almost two decades of service in Military and Defense Hospital in Bahrain and Mafraq hospital in UAE as Chief of Orthopaedic Department.

Dr. Rashed did the first evolution Nitrx Medical Pivot Knee Surgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery in the Middle East. He gained recognition for his exemplary performance in orthopedic surgery especially in sports and reconstruction. Over the years he has subspecialized in sports injuries and he has treated well know players in different sports and countries. Dr. Rashed was a former member of the UAE Medical Board and a member of Examination Panel for Orthopedics at DOH. He has won the special award and honor from gulf medical university in recognition of his exemplary achievements in orthopedics and invaluable service for the community.

His areas of expertise includes Knee & Hip Surgery – Minimal Invasive, Sport injuries, Ankle and foot surgery, Shoulder surgery, Elbow, wrist and hand surgery, Osteoporosis in athletes, Stress fractures in athletes, joint pain, Pediatric fracture and injuries in pregnancies.

Dr. Rashed’s Qualification