Dr. Ratnakar

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Specialty: Neurology

Hospital: Lifecare Hospital, Abu Dhabi


Responsibly handling Indoor And Outdoor Patients with varying severity of diseases
Conducting all Procedures of Brain And Spinal Cord diagnosis
Creating a friendly environment by interacting with the patients and handling the responsibility of physical examination and admissions
Good in all diagnostic and imaging techniques like CT,MRI,X-RAY, USG and their application in daily neuro-surgical practice
Comprehensive clinical examinations and treatment as per standard protocols, prudent use of imaging modalities, rational prescription practices and health advice
Apt in decision-making skills, recommending medications and surgeries
Efficiently providing patient care and treatment
Providing special care for critically ill patients assigned and conducting physical examinations and evaluating treatments on a regular basis
Conducting regular Follow-up and collecting feedback from discharged patients
Handling sensitive circumstances with empathy and practical wisdom and crisis resolution with compassionate patient care and attendant counseling
Keeping up to date with the latest treatments, medicines and medical developments