Dr. S. Elayaraja

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Specialty: Pediatrics

Hospital: Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre (SRMC)

Senior Consultant


Area(s) of Specialization:
General Paediatrics, Pediatric Allergy & Asthma

10 Years of Experience in General Pediatrics.
Underwent Training in pediatric Flexible Fibre-optic Bronchoscopy in Institute of Child Health, Madras Medical College, in the year 2012.

Fellowships / Memberships:
• IAP-Life member
• Adolescent Health Academy, IAP – Life Member

• Santhoshi Ratna NB, Elayaraja S, Ravichandran L, Kausalya K, Pon Ramya S. Prevalence of community acquired nasal carriage of MRSA and its antibiotic sensitivity pattern in a tertiary care center. Indian J Applied Research 2016;6(12):69-72
• Kamaraj D, Elayaraja S, Ravichandran L, Umapathy P. Perception of Health related Quality of life in healthy indian Adolescents. Int J Contemp Pediatr 2016; 3:692-699
• Rakesh M, Umapathy P, Elayaraja S, Ravichandran L, Srinivasan V, Dhana Rathna moorthy V. Clinical features and significance of cytokine IL-4 in children with Dengue at a tertiary care centre. J Evid Based Med Health 2016; 3(99): 5431-5442
• Godfrey DA, Umapathy P, Ravichandran L, Elayaraja S, Murugan SS, Srinivasan V. Association of bone age with overweight and obesity in the age group of 8 to 11 years. Int J Contemp Pediatr 2016;3(3):788-794
Vasanthan M, James S, Shuba S, Abhinayaa J, Elayaraja S. Clinical profile and outcome of poisoning in children admitted to a tertiary referral center in south india. Indian j child health 2015:2(4);187-191
• Varghese MM, James S, Ravichandran L, Elayaraja S, Palaniyandi A, Balaji S. Religious restrictions and cultural taboos related to menstruation in adolescent girls: A school based cross sectional observation study. Indian J child health 2015;2(4):161-164

• UG and PG Teacher
• IAP-TIPS National Faculty

Awards and Honours:
• Second Place in the National Paediatric Nephrology Prize Examination conducted by Paediatric Nephrology Department of ICH & HC in July 2004