Dr. Sasan Azadeh

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Specialty: Skin Diseases – Dermatology

Hospital: Al Zahra Dubai

Dr. Sasan Azadeh has more than 15 years experience in Dermatologic and Aesthetic treatments in Dubai and got the first rank on Dermatology Board Exam.


Aesthetic Laser Treatments

● Laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

● Laser treatment of vascular lesions.

● Laser hair removal treatment.

● Laser treatment for hyperpigmentation.

● Laser treatment for acne, acne marks, enlarged pores.

● Carbon laser peel treatment.

Other Aesthetic Treatment

● MFR (Micro-needling Fractional Radiofrequency): treatment for skin rejuvenation, skin laxity, and acne scars.

● HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound): for skin lifting and body contouring.

● Cryolipolysis for treatment of cellulite and body shaping.

● Botox: wrinkle treatment and excessive sweating therapy.

● Filler: for facial enhancement.

● Anti-aging treatment, acne scars, and hair loss therapy.

● Microdermabrasion: acne, enlarged pores, and oily skin treatment.

● Mesotherapy: skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment.

● Cryotherapy: for treatment of superficial skin lesions.

Treatment of Skin and Hair Diseases

● Acne

● Different types of Eczema (Allergic Dermatitis, Atopic Dermatitis, and Seborrheic Dermatitis)

● Psoriasis

● Hair loss

● Pigmented disorders