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Specialty: Neurology

Hospital: Medeor Hospital, Dubai

Dr. Sharath Kumar Maila is a Specialist Neurosurgeon at the Medeor Hospital, Dubai.


  • M.B.B.S
  • DNB ( Gen Surgery)
  • M.Ch (Neurosurgery)
  • Member American Association of Neurosurgeons
  • Member Congress of Neurosurgeons (USA)
  • Professional Experience:

  • University Topper and Gold Medalist in the Speciality of Nuerosurgery
  • Expertise in Neuroonco surgeries
  • Great exposure in performing surgeries under Intraop MRI Guidance (3.0T IntraOP MRI)
  • Performed aqbout 120 surgeries under intraoperative guidance (Intraop MRI and Neuromonitoring)
  • Good experience in simple and complex spine surgeries
  • Areas of Interest Neuroonco surgeires and Spine surgeries
  • Good experience in skull base and cerebrovascular surgeries
  • Vast experiance in image guided Neurosurgeries
  • Great exposure in Pediatreic Neuro and Spine surgeries
  • Experienced in various Functional Neurosurgeries
  • Experienced in surgeries under endiscopic and Exoscopic Guidance
  • Areas of Interest include Neuroonco and Spine Surgeries
  • Dr. Maila’s Professional Associations:

  • American Association of Neurosurgeons – Member
  • Congress of Neurologic Surgeons – USA – Member
  • Neurologic Society of India – Member
  • International Society of Neuroonco surgeons – Member
  • A P Neuroscientists Association – Member
  • Dr. Maila’s List of Publications:

  • Utility and pitfalls of highfield 3 Tesla intraoperative MRI in neurosurgery: A single center experience of 100 cases,  Accepted and awaiting publication in Neurology India, 2019
  • Factors affecting the outcome of surgical evacuation of spontaneous deep intra cerebral bleeds: SK Maila British journal of neurosurgery 29 (5), 668-671
  • Evaluation of implant stabilization in tubercular Spondylodiscitis: a prospective study.  MAILA, Sharath Kumar et al., International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, [S.l.], v. 3, n. 10, p. 2647-2653, jan. 2017. ISSN 2320-6012.
  • Isolated Abducens Nerve Avulsion at Pontomedullary Sulcus following Trivial Head Injury:
SK Maila, RS Sunnadkal
Indian Journal of Neurosurgery 4 (03), 177-179
  • In situ posterolateral and fibular interbody fusion in High grade spondylolisthesis:
PR Gollapudi, S Kotakadira, PK Nandigama, R Karla, SK Maila, …
British journal of neurosurgery 27 (4), 454-458
  • Clinical outcome following micro-vascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia.
GB Rao, SK Maila, AL Rao, AM Reddy: International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences; Vol 3, No 7 (2015): July 2015
  • Microsurgical excision of intracranial epidermoids: a short surgical series of 12 cases: 
SKMaila, Bhaskar Godugu, Mastan Reddy Ambarapu, Lakshman Rao Akyam International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 3 (11), 3187-3191
  • Posterior cervical arthrodesis by Lateral mass screws fixation – a long term follow-up study: Bhaskar G , Sharath Kumar Maila , Lakshman Rao A
Journal of Chalmeda Anand Rao Institute of Medical Sciences 9 (1), 1-5
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