Dr. Tayfun Demirel

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Specialty: ENT

Hospital: Hisar Intercontinental



Education :

 Medicine School, Marmara University Faculty of Medicine (1994-2000)

 Speciality: Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck

Surgery in the US (2000-2005)

Postgraduate Experiences :

 Koşuyolu Medipol University Hospital (2008-2010)

 Special Anchor Hospital (2005-2007)

 Gallipoli Military Hospital (2007-2008)

Interests/Special Procedures :

Head and neck tumour surgery and reconstruction

 Functional rhinoplasty

 Maxillofacial surgery

 Endoscopic sinus surgery

 Middle ear surgery (tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, stapez surgery, ossiculoplasty)

 Radiofrequency Surgery (snoring and inferior turbinate procedures)

 Parotid Surgery

 The use of acoustic rhinometry

 The use of otoacoustic emissions

 ENT Allergy applications

Memberships :

 Turkish Association of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

 Turkish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery

 Bionic Ear Association of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery between 2001-2005 within 8 FESS course, 3

rhinoplasty course, two meetings of the National Academy of Otolaryngology, I worked in two

Neurootology Symposium organizing committee.

All Other Expert Clinics :

 Ear, Nose and Throat Head and Neck Surgery