Specialty: Pediatrics

Hospital: King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

Dr Ziad completed his medical education from Damascus University
Medical College in 1988. Then moved to United States of America to do his
Residency and post-graduation training in General Paediatrics and
Adolescent Medicine at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. Then
in 1994, Dr Ziad became an American Board-Certified in Paediatrics,
followed with 2 years of practice in Kentucky, as a Clinical Professor
Associated with University of Kentucky.

Dr Ziad moved back to Michigan and joined the paediatric team at Botsford
Hospital as an Assistant Clinical Professor associated with Michigan State
University for 16 years, with extensive experience in outpatient and
inpatient paediatric care, and teaching of medical students and residents
through their paediatric rotation.

Dr Ziad moved back to Syria for 3 years and successfully established
a Paediatric Clinic and 2 Private Hospitals as a joined-efforts with other
specialists. He then moved to Dubai in 2012 and has been working as a
Consultant Paediatrician and Medical Director of one of the established
clinics in Dubai Marina and currently at Kings College Hospital, Dubai

Dr Ziad is a member of the American Board of Paediatrics and has a Fellow
membership with American Academy of Paediatrics (FAAP), and American
Medical Association (AMA). Among his many honorary awards, Dr Ziad
was the recipient of the CME Education Award from AAP, and
the Endorsement of Medical Ethics Award by AMA, and the Instructor
Resident Award by MSU.