Ms. Divyashree Uchil

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Hospital: Thumbay Hospital, Dubai


Physical Therapy

Educational Qualification and Experience:

 MPT (Master in Physiotherapy-Paediatrics), BPT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy)

Training in:

 Sensory integration, Neurodevelopmental therapy, Paediatric rehabilitation.

Special Interests in:

 Pre and post-operative rehabilitation for Orthopaedic conditions like hip replacement, knee

replacement and arthroscopic surgeries.

 Treating patients with Delayed milestones, Cerebral palsy involving Spastic quadriplegics,

Diplegics and Hemiplegics

 Handling children with Muscular dystrophy, Brachial plexus injury and Torticollis.

 Treating Adult Hemiplegics, Paraplegics, Head injury patients and patients with Ataxia.