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Specialty: Allergy and Immunology

Hospital: RAK Hospital

Ms. Elhourani holds a Bachelor’s degree of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from Medical College and Health Sciences, University of Sharjah. She’s an enthusiastic member in the diet and nutritional field who has experience in reputed hospitals in the UAE where she had the role of assessing and educating people who need special diets as part of their treatment, including conditions as diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular and hypertension diseases, liver diseases, food allergies and eating disorders. She is also experienced in Food Service Management where she took part in monitoring food production and maintains the use of standardized recipes and menus and ensuring proper preparation and storage of food and supplies.
She provides healthy eating habits and diet regimens for different age groups, including: neonatal, adults, paediatrics and geriatrics, along with her experience in pregnant and lactating women.

She is a health coach specialized in weight management, sports nutrition, Endocrine disorders, bariatric surgeries pre and post diets, and medical nutrition therapy for patients with: Cardiovascular Diseases, Hyperlipidemia, and digestive disorders. She is a member of the UAE Nutrition Group, Arab Center for Nutrition, American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes.
Nothing gives her greater satisfaction than helping people achieve their health and weight loss goals. She’s a motivator and can adapt her approach to different personalities. Additionally, she promotes better nutrition by instructing her patients about the need for altering their specific diet plans in order to manage the effectiveness of health and the relationship between good eating habits and preventing or managing specific diseases.

Ms. Elhourani’s areas of interest include:
• Medical Nutrition Therapy
• Pediatrics
• Geriatrics
• Oncology
• Renal Diseases
• Maternity
• Weight management