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Specialty: Cancer

Hospital: Anadolu Hospital

Medical Oncology Oncology

Born in 1968. He completed primary and high school in Istanbul. In 1992, he graduated from Gülhane Military Medical Academy. Between 1993-1995, he worked in Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces Command. He completed his specialization education in Internal Diseases between 1995-1999. Between 1999-2003 he worked as an Internal Medicine Specialist in Çorlu Military Hospital. In 2001, he served at NATO’s Kosovo KFOR Command. Between 2003 and 2006, he completed the Minor Specialization Training on Medical Oncology. In 2004, he completed Applied Flow Cytometry training at Istanbul University (DETAE), in 2005 Basic Epidemiology Course in GATA, in 2009 and 2017, he completed the Ethical Approach in Clinical Research courses organized by the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy. In 2007, he was appointed as Assistant Professor. In 2011, he received the title of Associate Professor. Between 2012-2017, he served as Head of Medical Oncology Section of Internal Medicine Department of GATA Haydarpaşa Training Hospital. He became a full professor in 2017 at Istanbul Okan University. Between 2017-2019 he worked as the Head of Internal Diseases Department at Istanbul Okan University, Faculty of Medicine. He also served as the Head of the Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology Departments and Chair of the Medical Ethics Committee. Dr. Bülent Karagöz is married and has one kid.


• Gülhane Military Medical Academy Military Medical Faculty, 1986-1992.

• GATA Haydarpasa Training Hospital, Internal Medicine Specialist training, 1995-1999.

• GATA Haydarpasa Training Hospital, Medical Oncology Minor Specialist training, 2003-2006


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Course Participation:

• TUMOR Biology Course, Medical Oncology Association, 2003.

• Applied Flow Cytometry Training, Istanbul University (DETAE), 2004.

• Basic Epidemiology (Research Methods and Analysis Techniques in Health) Course, GATA Command, 2005.

• Ethical Approach in Clinical Research Course, Ministry of Health General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy, 2009 and 2017 (twice).