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Specialty: Dental

Hospital: Burjeel Hospital, Dubai

Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin is the Dentist and Specialist Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon in Burjeel Hospital, Dubai.

Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin is a world renowned Specialist Dentist, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Over the last two decades, he was working in the best hospitals in Europe under Capio Swedish Group and BUPA Int. and the one of the most requested Specialist for Jaw treatment, temporomandibular joint, TMJ, dental implants, gum infection, periodontist and sleep apnea.

He studied in Spain and Sweden (Goteborg University), and he is Sharjah University Professor.

His revolutionary inventions, as an inside mouth device to release sleep apnea patient from the CPAP machine.

Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin is a strong and active international speaker, eager to share his vast experience and refine state of art techniques with others. He won several international awards and collaborates with several universities as a lecturer and clinical instructor.

Work Experience:

Over 10 Years.

Speciality Interests:

Dental Scope:

  • Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Periodontist / Gum Specialist/Surgery
  • Hospital Dentistry
  • Implants One Day Extractions/Implants/Immediate Loading, Digital Planning Zygomatic, Pterygoid
  • Prosthodontics For Implants
  • Medical Scope:

  • Face Aesthetics
  • Anti-aging
  • Sleep Medicine, Sleep Apnea, Snoring
  • Qualification:

  • MD (Spain)
  • MS(Stomatology)
  • MMSc for OMFS (Goteborg, Sweden)
  • PhD American Board (Orofacial Pain and TMJ)