Tadeja Vidmar Curk, M.D.

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Specialty: General Medicine/ Surgery

Hospital: Avelana doo Clinic, Slovenia

After graduating from Bežigrad High School, she enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, where l. She graduated in 1997, and the following year began a specialization in general surgery at the Novo mesto General Hospital. After passing the specialist exam in 2005, she got a job in the department of vascular surgery, where she performed surgical procedures on arterial and venous vessels. Very soon she introduced ultrasound diagnostics and transcranial Doppler into her clinical everyday life, and further improved her knowledge in this field at the renowned postgraduate course of Doppler ultrasound diagnostics of vascular diseases with prof. Brkljačič in Zagreb and Slovenian experts in vascular ultrasound diagnostics dr. Videčnik, dr. Žuran and dr. Tetichkovich.

Since 2013, she has been employed at Avelana na Otočecu, where she is engaged in ultrasound diagnostics of venous and arterial diseases and surgical and endovenous treatment of chronic venous disease. She is a member of the European Forum for Venous Diseases (EVF) and the Slovenian Association for Vascular Diseases, in whose meetings she also participates every year. As a lecturer, she is regularly active in international seminars and workshops (Seminar and Hands on the Course of Ultrasound of Leg Veins and Laser Treatment), which are organized every year in the educational center within the clinic in Otočec. She has performed over 2,000 endovenous laser surgeries in the last five years.

She firmly believes that, in addition to high professionalism, trust between the patient and the doctor is irreplaceable for patient satisfaction. That is why he always approaches his patients with a great deal of empathy and responsibility.

Although a Ljubljana woman at heart, she would never replace life in the Dolenjska countryside with the hustle and bustle of the city. Tennis racket, sail, volleyball and wanderings from youth were replaced by mountain hikers, a bicycle and a vegetable garden. He shares his joy of life, Slovenian mountains, nature, art, culture and everything beautiful with his five children. This is one of the reasons why she is the best in her free time – mom.