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Guaranteed Surrogacy Program in Georgia

Surrogacy is an arrangement where a woman agrees to carry and give birth to a child for another individual or couple. Surrogacy arrangements are complex and very demanding. It requires significant emotional and financial involvement and resources. It is also legally complex. Surrogacy, in its essence, offers the chance to have biological offspring to individuals that it may have been previously impossible for them. This includes gay couples or women that cannot carry children due to one reason or another.  

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What are the types of surrogacy?

There are two generally recognized forms of surrogacy; they are the traditional and gestational forms of surrogacy. A traditional surrogate can be referred to as the biological mother of the child. Her egg is combined with the intended father’s sperm, the sperm can also be donated. This is the oldest form of surrogacy that is practiced. It was popular in the times that technology had not advanced to create embryos outside the uterus. It was the only way to have a child via the surrogate process. Traditional surrogacy is very unpopular in recent times due to the potential emotional and legal intricacies that are usually seen in the majority of cases. There is a minimal legal protection that will prevent a traditional surrogate mother from claiming the child as her own if she has a mind change after delivering the child.

Gestational surrogacy happens when a woman agrees to carry a child for parents who are unable to carry the child by themselves. The woman that carries the child is referred to as the surrogate, while the people she is carrying the child for are the intended parents. The child is not genetically related to the surrogate because the egg used in the process is usually donated or comes from the intended mother herself. This type of surrogacy is the one that is popular in Georgia. Agencies are created just to be able to fulfill the need of intended parents that want to go through the surrogacy process in Georgia.

Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia
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Surrogacy was legalized in 1997 in Georgia, this was legalized with egg and sperm donation for couples. Since then, the number of options for intended parents has been steadily increasing, and their rights and convenience have also been on the increase.

Under Georgia law, a surrogate mother does not have parental rights over the child that is born. Also, an egg donor cannot claim a child that was produced using her eggs. The intended parents are registered as the parents of the child. The birth certificate is issued to the intended parents following the birth of the child. Issuing the certificate is quite swift, usually taking a day or two after the child is born. The intended parents are acknowledged in the certificate of birth as the parents. This certificate is issued with or without the consent of the surrogate mother. The documents that are usually required for the issuing of this certificate include:

  • The contract of surrogacy that was signed by the intended parents and the surrogate mother
  • The certificate of embryo transfer to the surrogate mother that was issued by the IVF clinic.
  • The certificate of childbirth issued by the maternity hospital.

Georgia’s Guaranteed Surrogacy System

In Georgia, some agencies offer surrogacy services to intended couples. These services seek to reduce much of the stress that is encountered in the surrogacy process. They also aim to reduce the emotional disappointments that can be encountered. These services are usually referred to as guaranteed baby programs. These programs are structured to ensure the successful outcome in the quest for biological offspring by intended couples. They are assured to result in successful pregnancies and babies; they also reduce or avoid entirely the risks that are commonly associated with these processes.

These programs offer plans that eliminate the risk of failures and guarantee the couple a healthy offspring to take home within an assured timeframe all for an agreed sum. The guaranteed baby program is ideal for parents who are not familiar with the country and who also want to avoid the stress and uncertainty that comes from failed surrogacy process. It can also be insurance since the agency being familiar and experienced with the surrogacy process in that country, can help the intended couple avoid any mistake or pitfall that they may enter. 

These guaranteed baby programs assure intended parents of the success of their dream of being parents without any failure or additional payments. It is important to be familiar with the program and to ask the coordinator pertinent questions in order to achieve clarity in the entire process. Some questions which intended parents are encouraged to ask the coordinator include the following:

  • What happens if the baby is delivered with a congenital abnormality?
  • Who covers the surrogate mother’s payment or compensation in the event of a miscarriage or premature delivery?
  • How much of the payment is refundable in the event of a policy change which prohibits surrogacy in the country?
  • Can the intended parents choose the surrogate and egg donor, or are they anonymous?
  • What is the timeframe of the program?
  • How long will the program be prolonged in the incidence of successive failures?
  • What will be the solution if the intended parents get tired after some postponements and don’t want to wait any longer?
  • What if there is an oversight in the surrogacy process? Who bears the brunt of the consequences?

What are the packages included in the guaranteed surrogacy program in Georgia?

Some of the packages that are included in the contract offered by the guaranteed surrogacy program agencies include:

  • Unlimited number of new egg donors if required
  • Smooth planning and implementation of the surrogacy process
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Guaranteed healthy baby or full refund
  • Unlimited IVF or ICSI procedures
  • Coverage of all medical fees and other associated fees
  • The choice of donors from their extensive database
  • Airport pick up
  • Nanny services
  • Accommodation throughout the stay in the country
  • Coverage of all new IVF or egg donation expenses in the case of a miscarriage or till a successful pregnancy and healthy baby is achieved.

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