Frontier Lifeline Hospital, Chennai


Frontier Lifeline Hospital, Chennai

Frontier Lifeline has several unique features that set it apart from its peers. With unparalleled excellence in cardiac care, an unmatched combination of dedicated human skills, advanced technology, world-class infrastructure and compassionate care, Frontier Lifeline and K. M. Cherian Heart Foundation has accomplished its mission as a center for cardiac care.

Skill – The highly skilled and experienced team of surgeons at Frontier Lifeline have performed several break-through surgeries for the first time in India being unmatched in their ability and skill.

Technology- Introduction of pioneering technology in Healthcare to India; Porcelain Operation Suites, Flat panel Cardiac Catheterization lab with spin, EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation), Carto Imaging Technology, Tissue engineered valves & cardiac substitutes etc.


There are separate intensive care units at Frontier Lifeline for adults and children, including specialized doctors, Intensivist care (a physician who specializes in the care and treatment of patients in intensive care) and equipments designed to serve different needs of the patients in each category.

Research – Frontier Lifeline is one of the few hospitals involved in cutting edge research on angiogenesis, gene therapy and genetically engineered valves – an area that is normally the territory of highly specialized research centers.

New Areas – Frontier Lifeline offers rare capabilities for the assessment of cardiac arrhythmias and electrophysiological studies. Clinical Application of Stem cells for Failing Hearts in Infants & Adults is another new area in which we have had much success.