How to Choose the Right Surrogacy Agency for Your Family
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How to Choose the Right Surrogacy Agency for Your Family

If you are a couple interested in surrogacy, you definitely need to know How to Choose the Right Surrogacy Agency for Your Family. First, understand that surrogacy is the process where a woman agrees to get pregnant and deliver a child for another couple or an individual to hand the child over after the birth. 

Anavara: Aiding the Surrogacy Process

International surrogacy agency in Canada laws

The process of surrogacy may be daunting for individuals, due to the sheer number of options that exist and the legal aspects which make it more complicated. This is why a surrogacy agency is important. A surrogacy agency is a simplified solution for those that desire to have a child via surrogacy. Surrogacy is not straightforward; finding a willing surrogate is not the only challenging aspect of the process. At Anavara, we understand this and we seek to ease the process.

The surrogate screening, medical checks, legal aspect, health insurance, IVF procedure monitoring, and all the other intricate processes surrounding surrogacy makes an extensive process that is more suitable to be handled by professionals. A surrogacy agency will help in straightening any issue that may arise during the surrogacy journey by relying on their expertise in all key areas of the journey. They help the intended parents to focus on the most important parts of the family-building journey and prepare for the arrival of their child.

What are the services offered by Anavara?

Some of the services Anavara aids with include the following: 

Standard surrogacy program

This is the main program offered by the agency. They provide a way for a couple to have biological offspring when the woman is unable to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. The type of surrogacy offered is gestational surrogacy. They cover the entire process from ovary induction and gamete harvesting to fertilization and implantation. They also offer assistance in the legal aspects of the process and simplify the logistics for the intended couple.

Standard surrogacy with egg donation program

This program is designed for couples who want to go through the surrogacy process but with an egg donor. The choice of an egg donor can be a complicated process. It is a critical decision that can often have a huge impact on the immediate future of the couple and the baby. The agency will help the intended couple in this process. They offer an egg donor screening process that ensures only healthy, capable, and well-informed donors are recommended to the couple. The agency may also allow the intended couple to meet the egg donor, physically assess her and ensure that the donor meets their criteria. The rest of the process after the donation follows the standard surrogacy program.

Surrogacy program with frozen shipped embryos

This program is for intended couples who live internationally but want to ship their frozen embryos to another country for the purpose of surrogacy. The agency will cover the entire process for an agreed fee. From the extraction of gametes to the fertilization process, then to the preservation of the embryo by freezing, the transportation to the country of choice, and the implantation. This process is hectic and extremely difficult for intended couples without experience. This is due to the protracted process of the entire thing; they also have to be very conversant with the laws governing surrogacy and embryo shipment in both their country of residence and the country where they want to ship the frozen embryos. This task is simplified by Anavara at an affordable price. They also provide easy logistics for the intended couple when it is time for the baby to be delivered.  

Guaranteed program

A guaranteed program is a type of surrogacy agreement where the agency tries to reduce the stress and the emotional disappointment that can emanate from a surrogacy journey. They are structured in such a way that they ensure a successful outcome for intended couples in their search for biological offspring. This program is ideal for couples who are not also familiar with the country where the surrogacy is being done. The guaranteed program tries to cover all the possible outcomes of surrogacy and ensure that a baby comes in the end.

The contract offers packages like an unlimited number of new egg donors when required, coverage of all medical and associated fees, guaranteed healthy baby or full refund, and coverage of all new IVF or egg donation expenses till a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby is born, airport pick up, nanny services, accommodation throughout the stay in the country among others. The service is a failsafe approach to the unpredictable journey of surrogacy.

Why should an intended couple patronize a surrogacy agency for their surrogacy process?

With the number of requirements that need to be met in a surrogacy journey; from the legal requirements, and medical requirements to the procedural requirements, in the absence of an agency, all the paperwork, communication with the surrogate, medical information, and countless other miscellaneous requirements. They would all need to be handled solely by the intended parents and this can be impossible to handle.  

Another very important role that is handled by the surrogacy agency is that of ongoing support and counseling. This is important because surrogacy is a tough and emotionally intensive journey for both the surrogate and the intended parents. It might be difficult for the surrogate to carry a child for another person since they cannot afford to become attached to the unborn child. This is especially true in gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate has no genetic connection to the child. In the case of traditional surrogacy where the surrogate is also the egg donor and is partially related to the child, it is crucial to have a team of experienced mental health experts available to guide the surrogate along which is a very important role of a surrogacy agency. 

For the intended parents, giving up control of the pregnancy process can be challenging and at times, very strange. Having to trust another person, and most times a stranger, to carry their biological child and not being able to physically track their progress can be extremely emotionally difficult. This is why the agency ensures that there is seamless communication between the surrogate and the intended parents, with the option of support, counseling, guidance, and healing.

How to Choose the Right Surrogacy Agency for Your Family

It is always important to carry out extensive research when scouting for a surrogacy agency. It is vital to already have a list of preferences and needs that are very important to the individual. A quick search online will show the agencies in the location that the intended parents desire as well as the rest in the country. Then it is advisable that they then shortlist a few, then visit or call each one of the narrowed-down options to find the best fit. This is because they will be working closely for up to a year or more and would need an agency that they are comfortable with. Contact us at Anavara, and we will help end your search by providing the right options to fit your need.

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