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Many countries issue medical visas to travel to those countries for medical treatment. It is a good idea to take a medical visa to go for treatment, as usually medical visas are of longer duration. Besides in come countries they are mandated to treat only if the visitor is on a medical visa (esp. India)
Each country has its own requirements, procedure and fees for medical visas. This article is published to help those from Nigeria who are travelling to the various destination country for medical treatment. We have covered in detail the visa requirements of India, Turkey, UAE (Dubai), Germany, UK and Spain.

At a minimum, the following documentation is expected from anyone who travels for medical treatment:
  • A passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of application.
  • Passport size photos (size and numbers vary from country to country.
  • Letter from the local doctor or hospital confirming that facilities are not available locally for the treatment
  • Invite letter from the hospital confirming about the medical procedure or treatment.
  • Financial capability of the patient travelling for treatment.
  • Letter from the sponsoring or insurance company which is paying for the treatment.
  • Tentative travel program, accommodation details in the destination country.
  • Details and confirmation of vaccinations required for the travel.

Anavara office in your country can support you to obtain the invite letter from the hospital where you want to travel for treatment, help you fill up the visa application, review the attachments to the visa application, and all other requirements to obtain the visa. (Issue of visa is at the discretion of the embassy / high commission – we have no say)