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Orbital Decompression in Dubai

Are you looking to reduce your bulgy eyes and appear chic? Is there always an indication around your eyes that makes you uncomfortable? Does the protruding of your eyes make you feel insecure about yourself and you wish to get rid of it? 

Orbital decompression is fast becoming the trend for such situations. This surgery procedure is done to help you get rid of those bulgy eyes and keep your eyes attractive by removing the bags underneath them.

Bulging of the eyes, also called ‘proptosis’ or ‘exophthalmos’, is one of the symptoms of thyroid eye disease and tends to also affect the self-esteem of people. 

Although proptosis could be found in only one eye or both, its cause is not just attributed to the thyroid alone, there could be other underlying causes such as; genetic predisposition, tumours in the eye socket, and shallow eye socket, sunken cheekbones, Grave’s disease.

However, people with this condition need not worry, as orbital decompression surgery aims at improving and giving your bulging eyes a new look.

What is Orbital Decompression?

Orbital decompression is an eye surgery that involves giving proportion and symmetry to the face. It could be for health reasons or cosmetic benefits. 

Is a delicate surgery carried out to relieve pressure on the eyes that causes them to bulge? Hence, orbital decompression is necessary for the eyes to fit back into their sockets. 

Why is Orbital Decompression Done?

The reasons for orbital decompression surgery include the following:

  • To reduce eye bulge.
  • For improved comfort related to eye lubrication. 
  • To decrease eye infection or irritation. 
  • To improve vision.

What Happens During Orbital Decompression Surgery?

Orbital decompression involves invasive endoscopic sinus surgery that is done using the following procedure:

  • First,  general anaesthesia, which keeps you “asleep” during the process.
  • Then, a  thread is gently placed—using an endoscope—through your nose sinus near the eyes, where access to the bony structures is made. There is no scarring since no large incisions are made.
  • Then the pieces of bone with some fatty tissues are taken out to create more room so it can settle into its socket.

Who Is Eligible For An Orbital Decompression?

You would be eligible for this surgery if you have problems of:

  • Tumour in the eyes.
  • Eye infection.
  • You had an accident or injury involving your eyes.
  • Graves disease.

Why Is Dubai The Best Place For An Orbital Decompression?

Dubai is considered one of the best places for orbital decompression due to their affordable cost, well- experienced surgeons,s the doctor-friendly environment, and the improvement of innovative technologies, medical technologies, and modern hospitals.

Orbital decompression has the potential of influencing your appearance. Hence, one needs to be meticulous when choosing a place for the surgery, considering the quality to be offered. Dubai is one of your best options. Dubai is reputable for offering this service at an affordable cost.

Cost Of Orbital Decompression Surgery In Dubai

Although an exact cost can only be concluded after proper consultation and examination have been done, yet the cost of Orbital decompression is very affordable compared to European nations and they still offer the best of services. 

In Dubai, the cost ranges between $6,926 to $11,711. 

Best Orbital Decompression Surgeons and Hospitals In Dubai

In Dubai, surgeons work with a highly trained team of doctors in high-standard hospitals to carry out their surgeries.

The surgeon assembles a surgical team to perform the preoperative diagnosis of your condition, check the test results from the lab, access your overall health, and based on their assessment, a treatment plan that suits your needs is decided. They carry out the operation and monitor the postoperative surgical care and treatment. 

There are several surgeons in Dubai in various hospitals, who know just the right treatment you need and will provide it for you, giving you no reason for complaints in the end. These surgeons are highly skilled with a lot of experience and a high record of success.

To get in touch with them, you can contact us at www.anavara.com or [email protected]

Anavara, with a connection with over 100 surgeons and hospitals across the globe, will be glad to help connect you with the very best surgeons and hospitals in Dubai that suit your needs and your budget.