Regarding Collection, Use and Disclosure of website users personal Information

As a prelude to establishing our contractual relationship, you, our client or potential client have provided or will be providing ANAVARA with, and ANAVARA has collected or will be collecting, personal information about you (including in some cases, information you have provided about family or friends) through our website or through mail or any other means.

​The collection, use and disclosure of this information, so far as it relates to our agreement or contractual relationship established or to be established, is for the purpose of assisting ANAVARA in establishing, conducting and managing that relationship with all third party service providers, including Hospitals.

​Personal information about you, your friends, relatives, companions, which we have collected or may collect in the future, will be collected, used and disclosed to third parties, such as hospitals, embassies, visa providers, air travel agents, airlines, and general service providers, insurance companies, benefit plan providers, (if and when appropriate) and other service providers for providing their services.

That purpose includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Evaluating the health condition.
  • Interpreting reports or radiographic films or other health related documentation.
  • Comply with governmental requirements, including those relating to statistics, taxes, insurance, occupational Health and Safety, health care and other similar requirements
  • Comply with our requirements and those of third party service providers relating to their own or ANAVARA’s programs or policies
  • Determining and monitoring of health condition by service providers
  • Facilitating the provision of medical assistance in an emergency or potential emergency
  • Facilitating the management of an emergency or potential emergency including the contacting of an authorized contact person
  • Facilitating travel arrangements and travel by clients and companions of clients for Medical Tourism and travel purpose.
  • Communicating with staff, external agencies including government or statutory bodies monitoring security and the use of electronic and information management systems
  • Any other purpose required or permitted or mandated by law
  • Any other purpose required to facilitate the Medical or Wellness Tourism in general
  • Any other purpose which will facilitate the conduct and management of matters associated with our contractual relationship.

Personal information about clients, companions, relatives previously collected or collected in the future by ANAVARA will be held in strict confidence by ANAVARA, except to the extent it is appropriate to use or disclose such information to third parties, and only to the extent the purpose is included in this Notification or we have notified you of another purpose.