Air Stretcher

Anavara is one of the few facilitator experienced with arranging Commercial airline stretcher services/ Air Ambulance . This is a value-added service we offer our clients during emergency situations. Our aero-medical partner team is professionally trained to follow strict medical transportation protocols with a priority of making clients feel at ease. ​

The air ambulance planes are equipped with high-end medical equipment to constantly monitor the client’s condition.

Our medical transport services are a personalized service. We offer a complete “bedside-to-bedside” service, starting from getting estimate for treatment, Free Second Opinion, ground ambulance services to and from the airports, Doctor who are well versed in aviation medicine, to ensure the highest care of services for the patient and close family.

(Picture of our client who was flown on air ambulance from Cambodia to Thailand.)

A medical emergency can strike without warning and in any place and at any time. While initial treatment is done locally, it is the desire of most of the patients to go home as soon as possible to receive further treatment in the comfort of their home country.

Anavara are experienced to make arrangements to take a patient from a hospital bed abroad to a hospital bed at home, which is called the the “bed-to-bed service”.

Our comprehensive bed-to-bed service includes an air ambulance or a air stretcher flight equipped with emergency medical aid, accompanied by a medical team, ground ambulance from the bed of the local hospital to the bed of the destination.

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