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Surrogacy for Gay Parents: Agency Selection, Costs 

In these modern times, the family building comes in a wide variety of forms. Surrogacy for gay parents is an increasingly popular option in same-sex couples’ family building. This is very important, especially in same-sex male couples who are seeking to expand their family. Surrogacy has, in fact, become so popular that centers or agencies dedicated to catering to that need have increased. These days it is not difficult to find centers that are dedicated to helping gay couples achieve their surrogacy ambition. The agencies are so specialized and tailored to their needs that they offer an all-encompassing service that ranges from legal matters, insurance, medical procedures, different financial packages, and even down to a team that deals with consultation and advocacy. These agencies help to make the often lengthy and complex surrogacy process to be a stress-free and highly streamlined journey.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is when a woman, known as the surrogate, agrees to get pregnant and deliver a baby for a couple; the couple is referred to as the intended parents. After delivery, the baby is handed over to the intended parents. The surrogate also has to legally grant custody and guardianship of the baby to the intended parents. This process is complicated both legally and medically, and there are some steps, both legally and financially, that must be met.

Types of Surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy, and they are traditional and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is when a woman is artificially inseminated to make her pregnant, the woman thus shares a genetic relationship with the baby as her egg is used in achieving pregnancy. Traditional surrogacy is not popular and is not usually practiced by surrogacy agencies as that genetic relationship can lead to complications when the mother has to give up the baby after delivery.

Gestational is the more common and widely practiced type of surrogacy; it is the best family-building option for same-sex couples seeking a biological child. The process requires professional medical and legal advice and guidance, as well as strong emotional support throughout the process. The process of gestational surrogacy is complicated, and it is done through IVF in a lab. The gay parents supply the semen sample, while eggs are also gotten from a donor.

Fertilization is done in the lab; one or two embryos are then implanted into the gestational carrier, who then carries the pregnancy to term. The gestational carrier does not have any genetic relationship with the baby that they deliver. Hence no complication is expected when it is time for her to hand the baby over to the intended couple. Gestational surrogacy, however, requires substantial financial involvement, but it is a secure way of achieving your desire for a family as a gay couple.

Surrogacy costs

The total financial involvement for gestational surrogacy can be divided into four categories, these are:

  • Professional fees
  • Surrogate and egg donor fees
  • Insurance
  • IVF expenses

Depending on the agency, some programs aimed to reduce this cost are set up. Also, some agencies offer financial packages like removing some aspects, reducing costs. For example, some agencies provide a surrogacy-only package, which is cheaper than a surrogacy plus egg donation package. Some agencies even have financial assistance programs that help to reduce the cost of the surrogacy process.

What qualities should one look for in an agency?

How To Choose a Surrogacy Agency for gay parents
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It is important to be very meticulous in the search for the appropriate agency to help in your surrogacy journey. A lot of work goes into the planning and coordination of a surrogacy journey, and added to it is the complicated legal process that has to be also undertaken. A surrogacy agency works with the intended parents through this process, meaning they are in contact virtually on a daily basis. The agency has to be one that is knowledgeable as well as client-friendly in order to get the couple through the difficulties of the process. The three main qualities a same-sex couple should look for in an agency include:

  • Client friendly – this is perhaps the most important quality to be sure of. The agency should be able to offer full-service support throughout the surrogacy journey. The wide array of professionals needed for advice and guidance should be readily available, kind, and patient with the intended couple in order to make the process smooth and remove as much stress as possible.
  • Experience working with same-sex couples – this is another important quality; the agency must be up to date with the laws concerning same-sex surrogacy. The agency must know the laws governing the particular region of the intended couple, which means they should stay educated as laws change very often. Working with an agency with a high level of knowledge and expertise in law and social work helps ensure that the surrogacy journey is positive and successful for the intended couple.
  • Ability to fight and protect the rights of the intended parents – an agency should boast of a good and accomplished legal team that can ensure that the intended couple’s parental rights are safeguarded and upheld.

Selecting a surrogacy agency

Selecting a surrogacy agency
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It is important to conduct extensive research because only some surrogacy agencies are suitable for same-sex couples. Finding an agency with which you have good chemistry and who shares similar views about same-sex surrogacy is the key to a smooth and successful journey. Some tips on finding an appropriate surrogacy agency include:

  • It is important to learn lots of research about surrogacy, from the laws to the process, so you can be familiar with the steps and understand more of what services the agency offers.
  • Putting down what is important in the surrogacy journey. The qualities you need in the surrogate, the level of support required throughout the journey, the type of relationship necessary with the surrogate throughout the journey
  • Please write down the list of agencies that tick all your boxes, then contact each. It is important to get a feel for them, which will help in selecting the most suitable.

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