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Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by marked abnormalities in communication and social interactions. Two common consistent findings associated in children with this disorder are … Read More

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Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by marked abnormalities in communication and social interactions. Two common consistent findings associated with children with this disorder are diminished oxygenation in specific areas of the brain and a chronic immunologically mediated inflammatory condition in the gut. Autism stops neurological development which targets the brain and makes it abnormal. This gives rise to problems such as weird behavior, speech stammer, communication gaps, and cognition. Autism is also visible in children and in them, it distracts learning and faces other serious challenges in their day-to-day life. Autism is one of the most common disability disorders and can happen at any age in males and females.  WHAT IS ABA THERAPY? Its elaborated name is Applied Behavioural Analysis and maximum use of ABA therapy is done in Autism disorder. It gives relief in communication, behavior, social interaction, and in other autism-related problems.  ABA SERVICES  ABA experiments with various aspects to match with autism patients’ requirements. The first job of a patient’s companion is to find a good ABA expert and give a detailed answer of the patient’s issues starting from symptoms to causes and their severity in the patient’s brain, for instant recovery. For a better understanding, ABA experts might check a patient’s day-to-day activities. ABA’s proportion depends on the patient’s age, symptoms, extremity, etc. Some of the ABA therapy include Pivotal response training, verbal behavioral intervention, and discrete trial training. 


  1. AUTISTIC DISORDER  – This is the pioneer type of autism. 
  2. ASPERGER’S SYNDROME –  The biggest barrier in this type of autism type is social interaction, people really find it difficult to interact with others but the good thing is no other big problems are involved so people can live a regular life.
  3. Pervasive Developmental Disorder/ Not otherwise specified ( PDD/NOS) – This comes in between Asperger’s and Autistic because its symptoms are more intense than Autistic but less than Asperger’s.
  4. Rett Syndrome – Primarily seen in girls and females and starts appearing at the very small age of 1 year. Frequent arm flapping, unawareness about social communications, and impaired abnormalities come along with Rett Syndrome.
  5. Childhood disintegrative disorder – Normal child’s sudden occurring disabilities and unreasonable eye contact disappearance leads to CDD   and loss in motor skills and expressive language skills slowly start vanishing. 


Nowadays, autism medications are more inclined to treat primary symptoms. With the permission of the drugs and medicine association, risperidone and aripiprazole are now in the market to give relief to psychotic disorders. But medicines come in high doses so companions should take utmost care about the quantity while giving it to the patient.
  1. Stimulants – Stimulants work best for people who have 1-2 problems of autism for example people with Asperger’s syndrome can take stimulants in limited quantities.
  2. Anticonvulsants – This is specially designed to cure seizures and 30-35% of people with autism are having seizures in their symptoms.
  3. Tricyclics  – Helps in minimizing behavioral problems of autism.
Other medicines which you can take under doctor’s advice are Geodon, Ziprasidone, Abilify, Venlafaxine, and Effexor, by reducing the mental and physical disturbance for some hours normalizes the symptoms and autism problems. Instead of medications sometimes autism therapies work wonders which are music therapy, picture exchange communication therapy, and occupational therapy.  TESTS FOR AUTISM  Numerous times doctors detect the problem in the initial years, many times it becomes tricky for doctors to analyze the problem. Preferred doctors for testing autism are neuro physicians, neurologists, and pediatricians. One can go for any below-mentioned tests if symptoms are out of control.
From the beginning after the birth, doctors will keep screening multiple tests on a daily basis. The hearing test is on the list of doctors. Pediatric academies and organizers suggest doing some normal tests when the baby is 1-2 years old. Some reputed and well-established hospital doctors also held M-CHAT tests for infants and toddlers.  After screening tests other physical and mental tests start, in this test doctors may hire child psychologists and speech therapists. For a matter of fact, one screening equipment aren’t enough to test the autism, the more the better saying works here, so other screening equipments are :
  1. Gilliam Autism Rating Scale
  2. Social Communication Question Loaf
  3. Autism spectrum Rating Scales
  4. Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 
ASD tests help the patient as well as the people with whom he/she is involved with such as friends, parents, siblings, etc. this diagnosis of ASD gives an overview before the actual autism so it is an alert signal. Autism-affected person’s connected people should start planning on preventive measures and about positively impactful plans. AUTISM TEST IN WOMEN  As women tend to hide autism symptoms by copying expressions and words, forcefully making eye contact, reading, and by hearting the speech in advance, etc. As there is no specially prepared test for women, still it can be cured by arranging get-togethers with the friends, by giving gifts which they love by letting them meet their favorite people and of course by giving them time to heal. Hire a personal psychologist for them.


Signs can be seen in early childhood, in adolescence and in adulthood also

    • Stubbornness in the activities.
    • Stammer in the speech
    • Harm others and sometimes self – injures 
    • Constant moving here and there
    • Hand flapping
    •  Abnormal Body Posturing or Facial Expressions.
    • Abnormal Tone of Voice.
    • Avoidance of Eye Contact or Poor Eye Contact.
    • Behavioral Disturbances.
    • Deficits in Language Comprehension.
    • Delay in Learning to Speak.
    • Flat or Monotonous Speech.
    • Inappropriate Social Interaction.
    • Communication challenges



  1. Abnormal and physically/mentally challenging person in family.
  2. Underweight child or person’
  3. Less immunity and infections
  4. Child’s birth when parents age is more than 40 especially moms

It is partially possible that all these factors are involved which causes autism. 

• Having an immediate family member with autism.
• Genetic mutations.
• Fragile X syndrome and other genetic disorders.
• Being born to older parents.
• Low birth weight.
• Metabolic imbalances.
• Exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins.
• A history of viral infections.



Flowy gut can spread in the bloodstream and eventually harms the nervous system and brains functioning to avoid this gluten free i.e. food without wheat, barley, breads, etc. is beneficial and casein free food is also recommended i.e. to stay away from milk and milk products is recommended. To balance the nutrition, protein packed meals and high-fibre foods such as fruits, veggies, buckwheat, corn are nice replacements.

  • Can Autism be cured ?

Yes, if detected on time it is curable with small doses of bumetanide every day along with improving therapies, learning sessions. According to a report of January 2020, it is observed that children when in adolescence symptoms of autism start disappearing and in adulthood it vanishes completely. But in some cases, symptoms reverse. 

  • What not to do with autistic child ?

In front of autistic child, never speak depressing  and anxiety filled words. Do not try to mimic them even if they do and never give them challenges or any sort of anger, they can beat you also. Instead teach them new things such as teach them new words, play different funny games with them, etc.

  • How occupational therapy in autism is helpful ?

It increases the stamina of autistic person and is a good distraction for mental growth, it enhances the posture and balance of the body, which makes autistics confident internally and externally, refines the conversation with everyone. Take them at the new level and one can see good improvement in their normal activities such as eating food on their own, brushing teeth without shaking, etc.

  • How music therapy in autism is helpful ?

It is one of the effective strategies and music activates both the hemispheres and communication becomes very easy and interesting at the same along with music.