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Occupational Lung diseases, is a condition that affects the lungs of a person working in dusty areas. Most common in labors, construction workers, garage mechanics. Read More

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Occupational Lung Diseases

When specific particles on the worksite/area continuously and for a longer period of time stay connected with a person then infection in lungs arises. It happens because of the dusty environment and certain things are often visible in industrial areas, chemical factories and vehicle garages. If not treated properly these hazardous substances can be life-threatening.  


  • Shortness of a breath
  • Chest pain
  • Coughing
  • Abnormal breathing patterns
  • Chest pain


Mainly spreads through bacteria, viruses, dust, clay, stone, bricks, cotton, hemp and flax particles.


1. What are the types of Occupational Lung Diseases?

There are six types of OLD which include asbestosis, silicosis, black lung diseases, work-related asthma, Byssinosis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

2. How Occupational Lung Diseases can be diagnosed?

By using different methods such as Bronchoscopy, CT Scan, Chest X-Ray, Blood Gas, etc. all these are very precise, safe and can give accurate results, you can choose either.

3. How are work-related lung diseases treated?

  • By staying in a natural and peaceful environment.
  • By not indulging in smoking.
  • Focusing on health check-ups.
  • By eating nutritious food and with some yoga/exercise.

4. Is there a cure in Ayurveda for Occupational Lung Diseases?

Ayurveda plays a protective role when it comes to curing lung diseases. It suggests consuming gooseberry, holy basil, liquorice and vasaka in any natural form.

5. Are Occupational Diseases Contagious?

In spite of several proofs of it being non-contagious, there are still few per cent chances of its contagious side, if an infected person repeatedly sneezes, cough, yawns in front of others.