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What is Rhinoplasty? Cost of Rhinoplasty? Choosing a good rhinoplasty surgeon and hospital? Risk in Rhinoplasty? Read More

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What is Rhinoplasty?

Basically, Rhinoplasty is the reshaping of the nose. Rhinoplasty is done
  • When a person is not satisfied with his nose shape or its size
  • Due to some injury
  • Asymmetrical nose
  •  Birth scars,
  • Narrowing of the nostrils
  • Improve breathing process
  • Make it sharp and attractive
Nose surgery is also known as rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is also called a nose job, nose reshaping, nose cosmetic surgery, nose correction, etc. The main aim of Rhinoplasty is to change the shape of the nose, its function, or both.

Is Rhinoplasty safe?

Any surgery has an element of risk. Rhinoplasty surgeries are minimal surgeries. Documented complications are rare. Usually, the surgeon will go over the surgery’s complications and pros/cons with you.


There are many types of Rhinoplasties, but they generally fall under two broad groups – Cosmetic and functional rhinoplasties. (Though the ones related to breathing problems are called septoplasty). • Reduction Rhinoplasty – where the size of the nose is reduced. • Augmentation Rhinoplasty exposes the underlying nasal framework through small incisions. The nose is augmented using the patient’s tissues or using synthetic implants. • Corrective (or revision) Rhinoplasty – As the name suggests, it is done to correct the issues after the initial Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty procedure

• Before the procedure

In general, Rhinoplasty is a safe procedure. But anyone intending to get this done shall take the surgeon’s advice. It is vital to know how it will develop in the future? How to maintain the nose shape? What complications can arise? What discomforts can come? Etc. It is imperative to choose a well-experienced surgeon to avoid future consequences due to nose surgery. The surgeon will also assess if you are the right candidate for surgery? The nose job is trendy among teenagers because they care about their looks, facial features, and facial compilations. But teenagers should be capable of bearing the pain, and parents’ support is essential. Usually, the surgeon informs the client about the pros and cons. A good surgeon usually uses software to show pictorially how the nose will look after the surgery. Surgery usually takes 1- 3 hours, but if a patient is getting it done to remove the scars of accidents or breathing problems, it may take more than a long time.

• The procedure

Rhinoplasty is usually done under local or general anesthesia, and surgery is short. The procedure can be done in a doctor’s clinic or hospital. Usually, there is no need to stay in a hospital (Probably overnight). If general anesthesia is used, the person sleeps during the entire operation (mainly used for young adults or teenagers). Local anesthesia is about temporarily making your nose numb so that person doesn’t feel the pain. The surgery involves parting of the skin and/ or nasal bone and cartilage; this also involves a precision cut of the nostril and shape of the nose. It depends on the proportion of cartilage also; if it is needed less, surgeons either take it from the ear or the inner nose. If it is needed more, implantation is required.

• After the procedure

It is a good practice to rest for 2- 4 weeks from work or school. The nose may be congested due to swelling or sometimes due to the splints placed inside the nose during surgery. The surgeon will recommend what to do after the surgery. In general, you need to rest with your head raised higher than your chest to reduce bleeding and swelling. The surgeon does internal dressing as well as places external protective splints. They may remain for one week or more, depending on the return to normalcy. To reduce the chances of bleeding and swelling, the surgeon may recommend the following precautions:
  • Refrain from any form of heavy exercise – weight lifting, aerobics, or jogging.
  • Sponge bath is recommended instead of showers.
  • Do not blow your nose.
  • Avoid facial expressions which tire your facial muscles like Smiling, laughing, or crying.
  • Brushing of teeth should be gentle without too much movement of lips.
  • Avoid pulling clothing like one’s work through your head – instead, button-up clothing will help.
After Rhinoplasty, sometimes short-term swelling, as well as black eyelids discoloration, is possible. Swelling of the nose takes a long time to resolve.


Generally, Rhinoplasty is done to have a smooth contour of the nose. It may also be done to correct a birth defect, or due to any deformities from an accident or due to breathing difficulties. Though the correction due to breathing difficulties is called septoplasty?


What is septoplasty, and why is it done?

Septoplasty is usually done to correct a bent or deviated septum. When the septum has deviated, the person faces difficulty breathing through the nose. Septoplasty surgery is the process where the nasal septum is straightened by any one of the following methods – Repositioning or replacing cartilage or bone, trimming nasal septum by grinding to straighten it.

How long is the surgery? Is the surgery painful? 

The surgery takes between 1 – 3 hours. After that, the patients spend around 2 -3 hours in the recovery rooms. It is typically done under local or general anesthesia and is not painful. On the day of surgery, the pain level is between 0 – 4 on a ten scale level.

What is the risk involved in Rhinoplasty surgery?

This is one of the less risky surgeries as it is a short procedure between 1 – 3 hours. After surgery, a few common risk factors are bleeding, permanent nerve damage, adverse effects of anesthesia, and infections. Other possible risk factors are breathing difficulty through the nose, uneven looking nose, scarring, numbness around the nose [1].

What is the recovery time after surgery? 

The recovery is pretty quick if there are no co-morbidities in a patient. The average recovery period is between 1 week to 10 days.

What will the nose look like after surgery?

An experienced surgeon will take photographs and show you how it will look after the surgery. There are quite some simulators available free on the internet, which can show how your nose will look after surgery. These programs are available on windows and mac versions.

  • FaceTouchUp (www.facetouchup.com) – many surgeons use this to visualize plastic surgery results. This is a great tool to use if you are undecided about whether or not to have a rhinoplasty. No software or download is required to visualize the final result. This software also has chin augmentation, liposuction, breast reshaping, etc.
  • Plastic Surgery Simulator (www.plastic-surgery-simulator.com) is a powerful nose visualizer tool to modify photos and simulate rhinoplasty results for anyone.
  • Surgery Morph (www.surgerymorph.com) – allows one to upload a photo of yourself and preview what you would look like after Rhinoplasty. It can give you a general idea of your appearance after plastic surgery.
  • Lift Magic (www.makeovr.com/liftmagic) – This software offers a fully automated one-click makeover in seconds. Online Plastic Surgery (www.online-plastic-surgery.com/free-simulator) – This software allows to opt for nose, breast, tummy, and facelift too after it is done

How much does Rhinoplasty cost?

The actual cost of nose job/Rhinoplasty depends on various things such as:

  • Country – In countries like the US, UK, Australia, and western European countries, the cost of Rhinoplasty is comparatively higher. In contrast, countries like India, Turkey, Thailand, Iran, Brazil, etc., are on the lower side.
  • Location/geography – Depends on which area the hospital or clinic is located. If the area is posh, prices of nose-shaping surgery skyrocket.
  • Surgeon’s popularity/reputation – Mostly experienced doctors and doctors with master’s degrees are preferred by patients, and definitely how accurately, and safely the surgery is done also comes first. 
  • Post-operative kit – If the doctor provides an after-surgery kit that includes nasal spray, gauze tape, etc. Also, if any medical tests are done, then prices range accordingly.
  • Anesthesia – While doing surgery not to cause any harm to patients, surgeons use anesthesia. Hence, its cost also matters during nose job surgery.
  • Level of surgery – Some rhinoplasty surgeries are very time-consuming and complex, and some are not, so some doctors charge per hour, so more the hours, more the cost.
  • Type of the surgery -Open surgery’s cost is more. In contrast, close surgery’s cost is minor; for normal fixing, it is less, and for advanced nose reduction and reshaping nose is more. The average cost of nose job (Rhinoplasty) surgery of some countries are given below :
    1. Turkey – $1500 – $2500
    2. India – $3000 – $7000
    3. Dubai – $5000 – $8000
    4. Germany – $6000- $11000
    5. Thailand – $3500 – $7000
    6. Brazil – $6000 – $13000
    7. Mexico – $3000 – $4000

What features do you look for in a hospital or doctor before doing Rhinoplasty?

 Rhinoplasties are done by plastic surgeons or ENT (Otolaryngologists). It is good to look for a surgeon who has hands-on experience in doing Rhinoplasty surgeries. The surgeon should also explain to you clearly about the procedure, what will happen before and after the procedure, and the likely final shape of your nose. You will also have to look at the hospital’s reputation, the testimonials of clients who have undergone surgery in that hospital, the accreditation of the hospital, and the number of years since it was established.

Can Rhinoplasty be covered under insurance?

 Usually, elective surgeries may not be covered under insurance. However, situations like breathing difficulties and other essential needs to be corrected. Then insurance will cover them. However, you have to review your insurance policy.

At what age should this surgery be done?

 The nose keeps on growing and changing its shape. Hence it is ideal to do this surgery when it is mature. Usually, for girls, it should be after 15, and for boys much above it. Taking the advice of a doctor or surgeon is the right way to proceed.


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