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Reasons why you should go to Turkey for hair transplant

What makes Turkey a renowned place for hair transplant?

Are you someone facing hair loss? Are you someone who is on a tight budget yet still wants to go for hair transplant surgery? Then Turkey is the best place to get your hair transplant surgery done at an affordable cost. Turkey, a beautiful country known for its sandy beaches and a city full of history is also one of the world’s best destinations for tourism. Whatsoever not many in the world know, Turkey is also an emerging destination for medical tourism especially for surgeries such as hair transplantation. Over the past decades, the country has also made large scale investments significantly improving Turkey’s medical infrastructure thus offering affordable hair transplant in Turkey as well as treatment options. Apart from that, the rising hair transplant costs in western countries are also one of the contributing factors for the growth of hair transplant in Turkey. 

Reasons why Turkey clinics are highly recommended for hair implantation surgery

These are a few of the reasons on what makes Turkey a great destination for hair transplantation surgery:

  •  Hair transplantation clinics in Turkey offer high-quality procedures at very affordable prices
  • The country offers significant cost savings especially for hair transplantation procedures
  • Hair transplantation cost in Istanbul are very low by at least 60 – 80% when compared to similar procedures carried out in western countries
  •  All the doctors in Turkey have good English fluency
  • Clinics uses the latest technologies for hair implants in Turkey
  • The average waiting time is very less in Turkey when compared to other nations

Hair Transplant Treatment Procedure in Turkey:

Once the patient decides to go for hair transplant surgery after deciding on the clinic and doctor in Turkey, these are the following procedures that happens during the medical treatment:

Prior to the hair transplant surgery:

Here are the few instructions to be taken before the patient undergoes hair transplant surgery:

  • Medications if taken are asked to stop prior to the procedure. Hair grow solution such as Minoxidil (Rogaine) solution will be asked to stop 10 days before
  • Vitamins or supplements taken will also be asked to stop prior to the procedure
  • Smoking should be stopped a week before the procedure in case if the patient is a smoker
  • Alcohol consumption will also be asked to stop 48hrs before surgery
  • Patient will be administered mild sedation
  • A morning shower should be taken before the procedure
  • Patient will be asked to come in lose and comfortable clothes
  • Patient will be advised by the doctor to choose on the hair transplant technique (FUT, FUE, DHI), based on which is suitable for the patient 

During the Hair Transplantation Surgery:

  • As the first and foremost step, the patient’s hair will be shaved off completely on the day of the treatment
  • Patients will be advised not to drink any caffeinated drink during the day of treatment since it may cause bleeding as well as sensitivity to the medications.
  • Jewelry and contact lenses will be removed prior to the procedure
  • General anesthesia is administered to the patient
  • Hair transplantation surgery usually starts with the doctor removing the small punch grafts especially from the hair bearing scalp area or donor area
  • The donor area may then be closed with stitches
  • After which, the doctor periodically injects a small amount of saline solution to the scalp area mainly to maintain proper skin strength 
  • These hair grafts (usually 10 to 15 hairs) will then be relocated to the bald area of the patient’s scalp
  • After grafting is complete, the scalp area are then cleansed as well as covered with gauze

Post Hair Transplantation Surgery and Recovery:

  • Medications and aftercare instructions will be provided by the doctor post surgery.
  • Keeping the head area elevated while sleeping will be advised by the doctor
  • Usage of only prescribed shampoo or lotion will also be advised
  • Washing routine of hair will be asked to stop for 2 weeks
  • Combing of hair will be asked to continue only after 5 days after the hair transplantation surgery
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol will be asked to stop
  • Strenuous physical activities will be asked to stop for a week
  • Going out in the sun will be asked to stop unless and until the patient wears a hat
  • Patient will be asked to refrain from entering swimming pool with chlorine water for the first 3 weeks of the treatment procedure

Few other insights that makes hair transplant in Turkey an eye-catcher

These are a few other insights that make hair transplant in Turkey an eye-catcher when compared to western nations:

  •  Hair transplant cost in Turkey in 2019 was very low when compared to other nations. In the UK, hair transplants cost up to £30,000, while on the other hand, the same procedure costs $1000 – $2500 in Turkey
  • Getting the best hair transplant in Turkey also means cutting down costs yet still have the best results
  • Surgeons are highly qualified to provide advanced procedures such as FUE and FUT methods in Turkey for clients, which usually range from $1.50 per hair graft to $4.70 per hair.
  •  Few of the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey are located in crowded cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa as well as Adana
  •  Hair transplant cost in Turkey is not charged per unit of hair follicle extracted yet broken down by the number of sessions. For example, 5000 grafts of hair transplant cost in Turkey way cheaper than in western nations
  •  Reports also show that many men from different countries travel to Turkey for facial hair transplants. Beard transplant in Turkey is comparatively way less in price when compared to western nations. Other procedures for which people come to Turkey are for body hair transplant for men, laser hair removal procedures and eyebrow transplant for women in Turkey
  •  People fly down to the country since the hair transplant results in Turkey are much better compared to western nations. Hair transplant before and after results are quite good in people who fly down to the country.

Concluding thoughts:

These above mentioned greatest strategic advantages are welcoming patients from a larger geographic scope for hair transplant in Turkey. Most of the medical tourists choose cities like Istanbul and Ankara as part of medical tourism since apart from having good clinics, these places are also Turkey’s most famous tourist destinations. Despite the plethora of activities that it offers to visitors, many people still disregard the places thinking that there are a lot of high-quality hospitals in the north of Turkey. Health tourism in Turkey has thus opened up an escape route for people with hair fall to receive high-quality hair transplantation surgery as a hair transplant package in Turkey. (Contd)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Which are the best hair transplant clinics or hospitals in Turkey?

Smile Hair Clinic in Istanbul, Esthetic Hair Turkey and Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital are few of the best hair transplant clinics or hospitals in Turkey

  1. How much is the hair transplant cost in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, the cost of hair transplant surgery usually ranges from just $600 to $2,000.

  1. How much does 5000 grafts hair transplant cost in Turkey?

The approximate cost of hair transplant surgery of 5000 grafts in Turkey, usually without a package is somewhere around USD 6000 though the price varies according to the clinic and the expertise of doctor 

  1. Who are the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey?

Dr. Emrah Cinik and Dr. Serkan Aygin are few of the famous hair transplantation doctors in Turkey

  1. Which are a few eyebrow transplant clinics in Turkey?

Prosthe Hair Transplant Center and Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic are few of the best eyebrow transplant clinics in Turkey.

  1. How much does a beard transplant cost in Turkey?

The average cost of beard transplant in Turkey is around $1,900.

  1. How much does FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey?

The average cost of FUE hair transplant technique in Turkey is USD 2050 with the minimum price being USD 1000, and the maximum price being USD 3300.