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Why is Turkey renowned for medical tourism?

What makes Turkey a renowned medical tourism hotspot?

As medical tourism is growing exponentially, more emerging countries are showing up as the potential dream destination, especially for medical tourists. Among the many, who are entering the bandwagon offering great medical tourism services is “Turkey”.

Turkey with its sandy beaches and a city full of history is also one of the world’s best destinations for tourism. Whatsoever not many in the world know, the country is also an emerging destination for medical tourism. Over the past decades, the country has also made large scale investments significantly improving Turkey’s medical infrastructure.

Apart from that, the government has also launched a lot of state-of-the-art hospitals across the country designed to cater to the needs of patients from foreign countries. Apart from that, private hospitals have also invested heavily in the medical infrastructure in the country. Turkey being a Muslim nation mainly attracts many patients from the Arab countries.

Advantages of travelling to Turkey for medical treatment

The country’s main advantage is the high number of almost 50 JCI accredited hospitals in medical departments such as ophthalmic, plastic, transplantation and oncology treatments. Apart from that, these are few of the other advantages of what makes Turkey a great destination for medical tourism:

  • Hospitals offer quality medical treatment at very affordable prices
  • Physicians, surgeons and hospital support staff are very highly qualified
  • The country offers significant cost savings when compared to domestic private healthcare
  • The treatment costs in Turkey are very low by at least 60 – 80% when compared to similar procedures carried out in countries like North America and the UK
  • All the doctors and hospital have good English fluency
  • Hospitals use the latest technologies for medical treatment
  • The average waiting time for complex surgical procedures is very less in Turkey when compared to other nations

Current scenario of medical tourism in Turkey: With medical tourism in Turkey growing at an exponential rate, especially in the last few years, these are few current scenarios that are making big news in Turkey as part of medical tourism:

  • Turkey has welcomed more than 850,000 patients for medical treatment especially from 149 countries (The information is based on the data from the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council).
  • The country’s national air flight carrier, Turkish Airlines has provided discounted flight charges to all the people travelling in Turkey for medical tourism.
  • The launch of Istanbul’s new airport will enable patients from over 50 countries to reach Turkey with a four-hour flight for medical treatment.

What makes medical treatment in Turkey an eye-catcher compared to other nations?

These are few insights on what makes the medical treatment in Turkey an eye-catcher when compared to other developed nations:

  • The cost of cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants is very much lower in Turkey. In the UK, hair transplants cost up to £30,000, while on the other hand, the same procedure costs $1000 – $2500 in Turkey
  • The cost of an angioplasty procedure in the US costs around $48,000 on an average, yet on the other hand, hospitals in Turkey charges for the same procedure at $5000 which is way cheaper than other medical tourism nations like India, Thailand and Singapore.
  • Knee joint replacements cost somewhere around USD 50,000 in the United States, yet in Turkey, the surgical procedure costs only USD 11,000.

The kind of leisure activities that Turkey offers

Turkey’s greatest strategic advantages are welcoming patients from a larger geographic scope for medical treatment. Most of the medical tourists choose cities like Istanbul and Ankara as part of medical tourism since apart from having good hospitals, these places are also Turkey’s most famous tourist destinations. Despite the plethora of activities that it offers to visitors, many people still disregard the places thinking that there are a lot of high-quality hospitals in the north of Turkey.

Final thoughts:
Health tourism in Turkey has thus opened up an escape route for ailing patients and financially struggling families thus creating a medium for them through which they can receive high-quality treatment. Do you want to travel to Turkey for medical purposes? Are you considering Turkey as a health tourism destination? If so reach us at

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