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What To Expect From Vaginoplasty?

Definition Of Vaginoplasty

Why is it still taboo to discuss on vagina? From Olivia Wilde to Madonna all agree with no reason to fear the word at all. It’s time to normalize the talk about vaginoplasty and let me guide you through the process.  Vaginoplasty is a surgery performed to tighten the vagina which becomes saggy and loose in old age and after childbirth.

When muscles pull out and tissues begin to take their own space during pregnancy but not permanently, it comes back in the original shape in some months or years. Vaginoplasty helps to join the separated muscles and tissues by removing unwanted hanging or loose vaginal skin.

Vaginoplasty Surgery

There are mainly two types of vaginoplasty surgeries.

  1. Vaginal Rejuvenation
  2. Designer Vagina

Both are done with a cosmetic procedure.

The goal of vaginal rejuvenation is to improve the anatomy of a vagina by improving its size, shape, function, and the ability to decrease the pain and childhood scars. Vaginal rejuvenation not only helps to treat the vagina but also the labia and vulva through labiaplasty and vulvoplasty.

Ideal Candidates For Vaginoplasty

  1. Hanging vaginal skin after childbirth
  2. Recent weight loss
  3. Aged women
  4. After menopause
  5. Suffering from loose pussy from childhood

Procedure Of Vaginoplasty 


  • You will be asked to stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and warfarin.
  • The doctor will prescribe you some supplements for colon cleanse before a week or so.
  • For comparison sake, the doctor will take before and after photos of the vagina.
  • Stop smoking to put a full stop on serious complications.
  • Start taking herbs and protein supplements and multivitamin tablets.

During The Procedure

  • Initially, general anaesthesia will be given to relax a patient, however, the use of sedatives and local anaesthesia can also be done.
  • By widening the legs, the patient will be lying on the table.
  • Vaginal mucosa will be detached from vaginal tissues and muscles.
  • Maybe the use of a sheath, balloon catheter, and stent will be done.
  • Then just like tummy tuck excess skin will be removed and opened muscles and tissues will be closed.
  • Absorbable stitches will be used to close them.

Recovery And After The Procedure 

  • In the vaginoplasty, doctors will advise patients to use ice cubes to minimize the bleeding, swelling, and infection after the operation.
  • The recovery period might take 6-7 weeks.
  • Take the doctor’s advised painkillers.
  • Start your routine after 7-10 days of the surgery but sex and intercourse are not allowed for 25-30 days.
  • Do not indulge in high-intensity activities like playing sports, running, jogging, skipping, etc.
  • Take a bath with cold or lukewarm water and not with hot water for 2 months.

Vaginoplasty Cost

The average cost of vaginoplasty ranges between $3000-$9000. Cost is highly variable where you live, the skill of your surgeon, the type of procedure you choose, travel cost, etc. all these matters.


A labiaplasty does to your outer vertical lips is what nail artists do with your extra nails.

Labiaplasty reorganizes the shape of labia minora and labia majora by adjusting its growth. Frequent use of labiaplasty is done for labia minora. If labia is oversized in some, then this procedure is very useful. In regular swimmers, bikers, marathon runners, cyclists, during intercourse and sitting for a long time in one place can make labia stretchy,long, twisty and gets tucked, affects vulva also. Labiaplasty aims to reduce the size of labia by making it tight so that it cannot hang and make both labia even. This procedure is also known as vulvoplasty and designer vagina.

Risks :

  1. Bleeding
  2. Dryness
  3. Scarring
  4. Swelling
  5. Infection

Labiaplasty Cost

As this method is becoming popular day by day cost is also increasing on an average cost of labiaplasty is $2500.

Laser Vaginoplasty

This surgery is spreading positively to enhance the health of the vagina. This helps to minimize vaginal atrophy, also decreases inflammation and bladder leakage and retains the moisture of the vagina. This procedure is less time-consuming and doesn’t cause any pain. 

In the procedure, the doctor makes tiny cavities in the vaginal lining by placing a rod in it, the laser helps to promote movement of blood and allows tissue formation.

There are several benefits of laser vaginoplasty, such as :

  • It doesn’t require any pre-care.
  • One can have sex with the partner after 4-5 days.
  • The procedure hardly takes 15 minutes.
  • Results last for 2-3 years.
  • You can start feeling good changes in a week only.
  • This is less expensive.

Mcindoe Vaginoplasty

Mcindoe is a very uncommon disorder, in which a person is born with the absence of congenital vaginal passage, her vagina is removed, or has undergone sex reassignment surgery. Only 1 female in every 5000-6000 females go through with this condition. Its other name is neovagina.

Gender Reassignment 

This surgery plays a vital role in transgender and non-binary people. It gives a chance to transgender people who are willing to vanish their maleness and wants to welcome female genitals or private parts. 

A ton of surgical procedures is invented to biologically form vagina and to give it the same look.


Hugely preferred and highly referred surgery is this. With the help of penile skin, the formation of the vagina is done. In which scrotum gives its place to labia majora and formation of the clitoris is done by using pointed areas of penis i.e. its tip. Addition of g- spot, removes the prostate glands. In some cases, the need for extra skin arises to form vagina so doctors take it either from the inner thigh or hips.

Mixed opinions come when we talk about skin grafting, some believe that skin grafting gives vagina artificial look and makes a diversion in its functionality while some say it gives a good look. 

Penile inversion is a standard and best technique for your needs but still, it is wise to ask queries to your plastic surgeon if you have any.


Though this procedure is less known, people love its self-lubricating function which isn’t possible in penile. But after countless failures, fewer success rates and high-risk surgery, plastic surgeons give colon procedure priority when penile inversion doesn’t work.

What Happens Between  Before And After The Gender Reassignment Procedure?

  • A patient has to prove and confirm that he is transgender by going through various laboratory and screening tests.
  • A person should quit smoking.
  • To mentally prepare, yourself talk to the people who have gone through this procedure already.
  • Seek help from a medical therapist or expert 10-12 days before the surgery 


  • Plastic surgeon or anesthesiologist will give you antianxiety drugs so that you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • General anesthesia is the only option in such kinds of critical surgeries.
  • The first step takes out testicles.
  • The vaginal passage is formed between urethra and rectum.
  • To support the shape, a dildo is added.
  • The entire skin of the penis, one by one is extracted.
  • Before extracting other parts, the urethra is removed first because it is a little complex.
  • Then everything is closed together after giving the shape of the vagina by placing bandage to stop extra bleeding.
  • The whole procedure takes around 120-300 minutes.
  • Bandages should be positioned for at least 4-5 days and it is mandatory.

After The Gender Reassignment Surgery

  • HOSPITAL STAY – 2-4 days.
  • Once you get discharged, ample rest should be in your priority list.
  • Normal walking and roaming around can be done after 30-35 days.
  • Heavy weight lifting, playing football or basketball, aerobics, etc. can be done after 3-4 months and too with doctor’s permission.
  • Apply ice packs 4-5 times in a day, during 1st week.
  • Pain relievers are used under doctor’s guidelines and in limited dose.
  • The cost of the penile inversion or any male to female vaginal surgery is 15000-25000 dollars depending on the city and doctor. This procedure doesn’t work on the basis of health insurance.



  • What Is Balloon Vaginoplasty?

The sterile tube is inserted in a rectovaginal sac, bypassing it through abdominal organs, and gentle friction is made to form neovagina.

  • What Is Bowel Vaginoplasty?

When penile fails this procedure comes as a survivor; it is gradually becoming famous due to its depth creating function and less risky part.

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. It is not intended to replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding your health. Read more