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Why India Is The Most Preferred Country For Medical Tourism

You might be wondering Why India Is The Most Preferred Country For Medical Tourism. What is the path that led you here? A quest for a perfect destination to medically tour for the best treatments available for you? Looking for the best hospital to go for a routine check-up while taking time off from the hassles of your job? India provides you with all the facilities, treatments and recreation you need to heal and ease out.

The Indian dream targets bringing in medical tourists worldwide to seek treatments in India at cheaper rates. This dream has gotten bigger, drawing in a whopping number of people from many countries to consult with hospitals and specialists in India.
In 2015, India recorded 233,918 medical tourists, ranking the third most popular medical tourism destination. And at 2017, the numbers amassed to 495,056. A huge feat in a short time. It has been estimated that 40-45 percent of the number adds up every year. More medical tourists flock into India from other countries every day for special treatments and care.
India offers you world-class treatment and rich cultural heritage and terrain for you to explore. As a medical tourist, seeing the beauty and magical environment of Indian life can serve as part of your treatment therapy. It is an experience you will surely need.

Reasons to Visit India for Medical Tourism.

  • Affordability

India offers the highest quality of medical services at the lowest costs. Compared to other developed countries, India’s government subsidizes the prices of medical treatment making health care more accessible and affordable for patients.

  • Latest Technologies and Facilities

India’s hospitals employ standard and high-quality technologies in the field of medicine to carry out their medical treatments. They are at the heart of a global trend. With the upgrade, they record significant success rates in all their treatments every year. Their hospitals are fully equipped with every facility to make your visit comfortable.

  • Quality of Treatment

You do not visit India for treatment and get below the best. They have a standard of delivering to you world-class standard services and care all through your stay in their facilities. They have integrity and thrive to keep up with it.

  • World Known Accredited Hospitals

India has a record of 33 Joint Commission International(JCI) accredited hospitals and more than 400+ NABH accredited hospitals. These hospitals hold world recognition for the finest facilities and the renowned specialists they have. India is a high ranking hub of medicine. 

  • Highly Trained Medical Professionals

Their doctors, nurses, and caregivers are the best in their field. Majoring in crucial aspects of a human’s body and general health, they are well learned. Many of them travel far and wide to countries skilled in a particular field, learn in-depth from specialists in those countries, and return to help people who can not afford going to such specialists since it will be more expensive. Altogether, the success rate of their procedures and surgeries can tell you how much of experts they are.

  • Less Waiting Time

Unlike other advanced countries, who keep you on long waiting lists before attending to you, India goes against it. There is little or no waiting time in India. Immediately you arrive and everything possible for your treatment is set, their doctors respond immediately. They even go to the height of reaching out to make sure things are in order for your treatment.

  • Traditional Health Therapies

For faster recovery, India takes you through their traditional health therapies that are popular in helping a number of people recuperate quickly in a shorter time. Practices like Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy help you heal and recover faster and better.

  • No Language Barrier

India is a country with a wealthy knowledge of English language, which is the highest language spoken in the world. Where there are still visitors that are likely not able to flow fluently, they employ the services of language interpreters.

  • Travel Attractions

India is a country of rich and unique heritage and diverse traditions that are worth experiencing. Their landscape and color all around make it a beauty to behold and gawk at. There are so many tourist attractions to see all over the nation which can be rejuvenating and relaxing. The allures of the nation is a mental health therapy on it’s own.

  • Ease in Getting Medical VISA

India allows easy access to their VISA. Simply applying for a medical VISA guarantees you one within a few days without much protocols. Other countries have a long set of procedures to follow to get you a VISA, but the Indian government has made it easy for foreigners to come in for treatments without fail.

What Medical Treatments Can You Have In India?

Indian hospitals and doctors are experts in various fields of human health. They specialize in almost every aspect of medicine especially those that has been the world’s greatest concerns in this age. Here are a few of the treatments they offer:

  • Cardiology/Heart treatments & surgeries
  • Orthopaedic/Musculoskeletal treatments & surgeries
  • Cosmology/Plastic surgeries.
  • Ophthalmology/Eye treatments & surgeries
  • Neurology/Brain surgeries
  • Spine surgeries
  • Bariatric/Weight loss surgeries
  • Cancer Management/Oncology
  • Leukaemia/Blood Cancer Management
  • Gynaecology/Women related conditions
  • Uro surgery/Prostrate related surgeries
  • Infertility management/Artificial reproductive techniques.
  • Laser surgeries
  • Stem cell surgeries
  • Ear, nose and throat treatment/surgeries.
  • Speech audiometry & hearing
  • Dental treatment & surgeries
  • Organ transplants
  • Paediatric general treatments & surgeries
  • General health checkups & diagnostics, and so many others.

What Is The Cost?

The cost of medical tourism can not be given at an exact figure because the expense is based on many factors. The nation you are in the cost of getting your VISA, the travel arrangement, the medical treatment you are coming for, the hospital and specialist you have agreed to consult with, your lodging fees. Although you can be assured that the cost will be cheaper than that of other countries, an exact estimate can not be given to you. It is best that you consult with a travel/medical tourism agency to help you in figuring this out.

What Should You Do To Go For Medical Tourism In India?

  1. Contact a medical tourism agency, especially one with roots and connections in India.

You can not make arrangements for medical tourism by yourself especially when you are going to a foreign country. How would you get in touch with specialists and hospitals directly for you to consult with? How would you be able to make arrangements on where to stay? Medical tourism agencies can help you with all that. They have direct contacts with various hospitals and doctors that specialize in the medical treatment you seek and can offer you different ideas to choose from and consult with. Also, with their connections, they can provide accommodation arrangements for you.

  1. Get an Indian medical VISA from the Indian Embassy in your country.

Apply for a medical tourism VISA in the Indian embassy and when filling the application, provide substantial details on the plan you opted for, telling them the medical advice you received from your country that led to seeking special treatment in India. If the personnel find it sincere enough, you will be considered for the VISA. Also, note that you can only be granted a medical VISA when your treatment is to take place in a recognized and reputable hospital. It is however easier when a reputable medical tourism agency is requesting a medical VISA on your behalf.

What Are The Requirements and Documentations Needed To Get Medical Visa?

For a medical tourist to be, you require the following documents for processing and issuance of a medical VISA:

  • A national or international passport with 6 months validity
  • Photocopy of the passport.
  • Recent passport photographs
  • A copy of the online VISA application form.
  • Residential address proof
  • Bank statements for proof of required funds.
  • Patient’s doctor recommendation for a medical visit 
  • Medical statements and documents from the patient’s national hospital.
  • A Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate.
  • Oral Polio Vaccination(OPV) certificate, taken at most 6 weeks before entry into India.
  • If under 18, a non-objection form signed by parents.
  • Passport and passport copy of attendant.
  • Evidential proof of relationship to the attendant.

With these documents, your medical VISA will be processed and given to you in a few days.

In conclusion, India is one of the best places to be in for your medical treatments. Not only does she provide quality services in health, but her hospitals and medical experts also provide them at the most affordable prices. 

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