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Are you feeling limited by the treatment options offered locally? Is the procedure you’re looking for not available in your country, the waitlist for the surgery years long, or the price far beyond your budget? Are you looking for a confidential and discreet way to perform a medical procedure abroad?

Anavara can help match you to a doctor, hospital or clinic best suited to your individual circumstances – anywhere across the globe. Removing geographic barriers opens a world of possibility for all of your medical needs.

Uncomplicate medical tourism with our easy three-step process. We contact the healthcare providers in the country of choice on your behalf, and provide up to three complimentary quotes along with expert consultations to begin your health journey. Next, we arrange your visa documentation and all aspects of your stay – from accommodation to transportation and even a local SIM card – to ensure your trip is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Why Choose Anavara for Your Medical Journey?

The World is Your Personal Clinic with Medical Tourism


Going Abroad for Treatment

Medicine is increasingly becoming a global market. Limiting yourself geographically no longer makes sense when there are so many qualified professionals you can access through a medical tourism facilitator. Below are just a few of the reasons you would benefit from performing your medical procedure abroad:

  • The health service you need is not readily available in your country
  • Waitlists for the treatment are too long or not guaranteed
  • It is too expensive to perform your procedure locally
  • You would like another doctors’ opinion from a different perspective
  • A low profile and confidentiality is needed in your situation

The Anavara Difference

When you choose to travel abroad for a medical procedure, Anavara takes care of all the details. With our dedicated 24/7 support, we guide you from initial consultation through to recovery so you can relax and focus on healing. There are three easy steps in the process:

  1. Submit an Inquiry. Enter name, email, and preferred method of contact, and one of our experts will quickly get back to you.
  2. Evaluation and Free Estimate. Our partners from hospitals across the world will evaluate your case. Receive up to 3 free estimates for your medical treatment to identify the perfect doctor and hospital for your exact issue.
  3. Travel and Treatment. Anavara takes care of all the details on your behalf – with visas, hospital invitations, accommodations, local transportation, treatment and return back to your home country conveniently arranged for.


Conjoined Twins surgery

Ugwoke Obinna heard about Anavara from one of the camps we conducted in Nigeria and approached us. This was the first time we had received a case for conjoined surgery. Hence we sent the report to hospitals that had done such surgeries in the past successfully.

Testimonial by Client- USA

Capt James works for the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. He has diabetes. During the course of his work, he hurt himself in the leg (Foot). Since he left it untreated for some time, gangrene started spreading up into his legs.
It was on a Monday morning he saw our banner in a hospital in Nigeria. It intrigued him and he called our office. Immediately the same day, our staff met him, took his reports and sent it to India for an estimate. (Since he had indicated India as his preferred country of treatment)

Client testimonial- Bangladesh

Mr. Mohammad Mainul Hassan was suffering from Sinus disease for a very long time. He met doctors in Dhaka in Bangladesh and got treatment from them. However, all of them suggested that surgery was the long term solution for his condition.

Ramesh Hospital

The Success of Olanrewaju’s Heart and Esophagus Surgeries

Upon finding the treatment at the hospital to be good, Olanrewaju rates the entire experience to be excellent and would consider using Anavara again and even recommending Anavara to others.

As-Salam International Hospital

An Anonymous Client Leaves a Review After a Medical Visit

When asked about the experience during the visit, he says, “It was fruitful and amazing, all services are excellent. I get quick response in everything.”