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Our Services

Anavara engages in medical facilitation and the gamut of services that encompass those including provide a list of hospitals in different countries which fulfil client’s requirements, logistics support, travel, visa support services, concierge services in the country of treatment, accommodation during recovery, tour for companions of patients. We facilitate contact with hospitals and provide information about the services provided and facilities available. We aim to provide details of quality health service providers with affordable cost to needy patients. Anavara does not offer any medical advice or services. We do not treat patients or give them medical recommendations. We do not recommend specific tests, diagnostic practice or products or procedures for medical symptoms or treatment.

Information on this website

We provide information of medical nature, which is collected with great care and research and is provided for educational and informational purposes only. Anavara does not take responsibility for the completeness, timeliness, accuracy or consistency of the information. The information provided is not exhaustive nor covers all diseases, conditions, symptoms or their treatment. Information provided shall not be the basis of any prognosis or diagnosis, or a course of treatment. Reliance on the information or recommendation provided by Anavara is solely the onus of the patient. The links provided on our website isfor information and reference purpose only. The trademark and content of the link websites are owned by the respective owners. The links are provided in good faith and to useful and ethical websites. We do not recommend nor encourage the viewers to follow the information provided on any link nor do we take responsibility for the veracity of the information provided on the links. The contents of this website are subject to changes with time and change in information provided by outside agencies including Medical service and third party service providers.

Medical Services and third party service providers

Anavara recommends all patients to take advice from their family physician, or a trained qualified health care provider / medical practitioner approved by the medical council of their country before embarking on the course of treatment.

Anavara does not represent any hospital or country or its services nor guarantee their quality of services or treatment. We are not affiliated with any travel service provider or airlines, hotel chain, spa, treatment centers or Ayurveda treatment.

The hospitals and treatment centers listed in our website have been personally visited, vetted by Anavara personnel, for their standards of treatment, accreditation to N.American / European / Global standards, education of the Doctors and facilities available at the time of our visit. Situation and circumstances can change and keeping the accreditation or facilities up to date is the responsibility of the respective hospitals and Anavara take no responsibility for it.

Third party service providers like airlines, hotels, spas, accommodation providers. Land transportation providers, interpreters are not employed by Anavara nor affiliated with Anavara.

While all the medical and third party service providers are carefully interviewed and reviewed for their service levels, Anavara does not stand guarantee for their services, nor in delay, default, failure, improper services, discomfort or negligent services.


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We do not guarantee privacy to your information on the websites to which links are provided on our website, which are under administration by parties over whom we have no control.

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