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Specialty: Psychiatry

Hospital: Apollo Indraprastha

Dr. Achal Bhagat, MBBS, MD (psychiatry), MRC Psych, is a senior consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist practising in Delhi since 1995 when he started the department of psychiatry and psychotherapy at Apollo Indraprastha Hospitals on his return from Oxford.

In 2011, he started the division of mental health and quality of life at Medanta, the medicity.

Dr. Bhagat has now rejoined Apollo Hospitals. He is the chairperson of Saarthak, a group of mental health organizations working on the issues of mental health in south Asia.

Saarthak has three pillars which provide mental health services, train people and organizations on mental health and advocate for rights for persons living with mental illness.

Dr. Achal Bhagat was trained at PGIMER, Chandigarh and Oxford, UK.

He works together with a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, cognitive behaviour therapists and family therapists. The team has a total of clinical experience of more than a hundred years.

Dr. Achal Bhagat sees himself as a mental health activist and is actively involved in rights movements for gender rights, the rights of persons with disability and the rights of persons with mental illness.