Dr. Luisa M. Sastre

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Specialty: Opthalmology

Hospital: Moorsfield Eye Hospital, Dubai

Specialization: Ophthalmologist in Medical Retina

Dr. Luisa Sastre is a highly experienced Ophthalmologist with a special interest in retinal diseases and especially diabetes-related disorders. She has performed many intravitreal injections for diabetes patients and a large number of surgeries for cataract patients, as well as other procedures including pterygium and minor lid surgeries. Her experience extends to the treatment of other eye diseases such as glaucoma, in addition to having extensive experience in treating children. Dr. Sastre studied medicine at the Universidad Autonoma Medical School in Madrid–Spain, and was awarded Board Certification in Intensive Care Medicine, and in Ophthalmology. She also holds a PhD in Medicine, and a Masters degree in Healthcare Organisation Leadership from ESADE Business School in Spain.

She held a number of posts as a Consultant Ophthalmologist and as an Intensive Care Specialist in several leading private hospitals in Madrid, Spain, before relocating to Dubai. In addition to these posts, Dr. Sastre has undertaken medical teaching and charitable activities related to her clinical work.