Dr. Mahesh Kumar Aravinda Lochanan

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Specialty: Lungs and respiratory – thoracic

Hospital: Thumbay Hospital, Dubai



Educational Qualification And Experience

 MBBS – Tamil Nadu, Dr MGR University-Chennai India

 MD (TB&RD) – Tamil Nadu, Dr MGR University-Chennai India

 Post MD Experience: 11 Years

 Overall Experience In Respiratory Medicine: 14 Years

Specialized In:

 Bronchoscopy Bronchial Wash

 Broncho Alveolar Lavage

 Bronchial Brushing (PBS)-Protected Brush Specimen

 Bronchoscopic Biopsy-Intraluminal Tumors

 Bronchoscopic Tamponade And Securing Haemostasis

 Trans Bronchial Needle Aspiration-TBNA

 Trans Bronchial Lung Biopsy

 Foreign Body Retrieval From Airway – Bronchoscopy Guided

 ICU Bronchoscopy-Collapse, VAP, Tracheo Bronchial Toileting

 Thoracentesis Pleural Biopsy Pleurodesis

 Trans Thoracic Needle Aspiration/Biopsy

 Chest Ultrasonogram

 Intercostal Tube And Drainage

 Pulmonary Function Test And Spirometry

 Diffusion Studies- Dlco

 Polysomnogram (Sleep Medicine)

 Non Invasive Ventilatory Management – NIV

 Pulmonary Rehabilitation

 Has various national and International publications to his credit.

Areas Of Interest:

 Clinical Management (Respiratory & Critical Care)

 Teaching Staffs And Senior Residents

 Interventional Bronchoscopy Procedures Like Intra Bronchial Valve Deployment And