Dr. Meenu Cherian

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Hospital: Thumbay Hospital, Ajman

Medical degree : M.B.B.S. [C.M.C. Vellore, India]

Post graduation : DLO, MS [C.M.C. Vellore, India]

Speciality : Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck surgery

Sub Speciality training in : Endoscopic Sinus surgery with 19 years of experience in Medical Colleges.

International Conference Presentations

 Ossicular Lesions in C.S.O.M.: A STUDY OF 293 EARS” at the 2nd SAARC ENT Conference at

Kathmandu in May 2000.


 “Primary tracheal Adenocarcinoma: a case report” M.Khurana, A.Job A.Korula: Ind J Otolaryngol.

Sep 1994

 Actinomycosis and aspergillosis in the nose of a diabetic: a case report: Meenu Khurana Cherian,

Rajarajeshwari N. Otolaryngology online journal Vol 2, No.3 (2012) JORL

 Actinomycotic Osteomyelitis of the maxilla and nose – a case report. M.Khurana Cherian, N.

Rajarajeshwari, Renu G’Boy Varghese, Gujarat: Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and

Neck Surgery ISSN 0973 1024.Vol 9,No.2 August 2012 Pg 5-6

 Patterns of antimicrobial therapy in Acute Tonsillitis: A Cross-sectional hospital-based studyfrom UAE. John L J, Cherian M, Sreedharan J, Cherian T. Anais da AcademiaBrasileira de Ciencias

(Annals of Brazilian Academy of Sciences) 2014(86)1:Pages 337-342

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Nepali & Urdu